19 December 2009

random pics...

Hello, friends:} It’s cold again....and Trav and I had the weekend off!! Lots of loafing....so fun:)

I forgot to post this a couple weeks ago--Trav and I went to roam the streets of PC. We had two coupons for free sandwiches! We took a pic of our awesome meal:: two sandwiches, two curly fries, a large coke, and two shakes. **NOTE:: we got all of this from three restaurants- Checkers, Steak N Shake, and Arby's.  We got all of this for 8 bucks! The cool thing about it was they gave us two more coupons for free sandwiches...so we went again a week later! HA! We were so excited that there would be a “cycle” to these coupons...but on our last trip, we only received one free coupon. EH--I’m sure we will still use it!

Here is a pic of Trav and I after singing at our church. Each anniversary, we are to take pics of ourselves for our Love Letters journal. But for the past two years, we have forgotten or weren’t on a trip. So...this year’s photo is at our church (two months late). We forgot to ask someone to take our pic...and had to use the truck bed! I think Trav looks cute;) 

I know this was a random posting...still trying to get used to this new blog:{ 

But as always--Thanks so much for visiting! I LOVE our visits- they mean so much to me!!! And thank you thank you thank you for leaving comments- they make me smile:} 
Until next time~
Love, Sav

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Charlene Austin said...

You too are SO darned CUTE!!!!!