06 April 2011

Visiting with Jaclyn Miller

Hello, friends:}

OH MY! I cannot tell you how much fun it is for me to visit my crafty friends! Jaclyn Miller [from The Play Date Cafe DT] was here in FL this week...and I was lucky enough to visit with her! 

I do have to admit that I got lost while driving to Orlando. I was doing fine--making good time--but then I couldn't find the street sign for "World Dr." Really? An hour later....I called her up and found her hotel! **NOTE:: Thanks to Trav for dealing with a very "nasty Sav" on the phone! It's hard to ask for directions when you don't know where N or S are....or where YOU are!! 

So I arrived to Jaclyn's hotel...and WOW! It was gorgeous. We enjoyed a fabulous dinner outside and chit chatted about...CRAFTING {and a couple of other things!}. I had a super wonderful time. It was nice to chat with another Christian crafter...and I even got some hugs from her sweet sweet kids! They are so adorable--ADORABLE! All three are so different--LOVE them! And her husband is SUPER funny! Great family!! 

We ended up taking pics right before I left {so sorry I stayed SOOOO late!!}...and we were a bit giddish! We took several pics just to get the right pose and eyes open! I just have to share a couple of these takes!
**NOTE:: This is my FAV pic of me--I only get one in about every twenty pics! **NOTE #2:: I'm not THAT tall...we are only 2 inches apart...but I had some SUPER amazing 6" heels on! LOVE my heels:) 
 A bit more giggling! 
And then we took more pics with their fanny pack! LOL! Oh my--this is the BEST fanny pack ever! It's huge--it holds cameras and snacks with two water bottles! And it doubles as a arm rest so you can rest your arms while waiting in the Disney lines! LOVE it:)
 Can't stop laughing!
Look closely and you will see the most beautiful friendship bracelet that Jaclyn made me. OH MY! What a surprise---it's blue, pink, and yellow! Beautiful! Thank youJaclyn!!

I had a great time! Wish The Miller family lived closer to me....like next door {Hmmm?? Toby!!!}. Maybe in the future:)

Thanks so much for letting me share my fabulous friends and our visits! Be sure to stop by Jaclyn Miller blog--super great stuff shared weekly over there! And we both will have some PDCC stuff to share tomorrow--so be sure to stop by! Have a great day! Blessings! 


Lin said...

Looks like a fun time! Aren't you so lucky to live in the state that everyone visits sooner or later!!

Kim said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! I'm heading to Orlando on Friday to go to the scrapbook convention at Gaylord Palms! Are you going up?

Jinny Newlin said...

How FUN! I wanna come, too! I bet ya'll had the greatest time! I get to meet up with LOTS of blog friends, for the first time, this Friday night; and I'm telling you, I'm absolutely giddy with excitement!

Julie Ranae said...

YES you ARE that tall!! What are you talking about???!!!
Looks like you guys had a fab time! I told Jax I just have to get myself over the state lines to see her! Maybe we plan for you to make another trip up to Indiana and we'll make a weekend of it!!!

Patrice said...

Great pics - I just got back from Orlando, myself!

Jaclyn Miller said...

Thanks Sav - this is such a sweet post! I really enjoyed our time together and had so much fun laughing about odds and ends (especially stupid IN)!...maybe some day I will live closer. :) Hope you found your way back ok. Missing you already. {hugs}

Julie Campbell said...

You guys are so cute! 6 inch heals?!? Seriously?!? lol!

Tracey said...

So FUN to see your beautiful laughing faces :) GReat post Sav! How tall ARE you????? 5'9" that was my guess when we did that quessing height game LOL!

Virginia L. said...

Aw.. I can just feel the excitement...as I just met you not that long ago! Glad that you venture out to Orlando again ;) What a GREAT meet! Love it when you met up with crafty friend!

StampinCathy said...

Great pics! So glad you had a fun visit and thanks for sharing.

Ruby said...

Aw it looks like you had a fab time Sav, so wish we could get to meet too. One day... xx

Emily Leiphart said...

These photos made ME giggle! How lucky that you and Jaclyn were able to meet in person!

Andrea M said...

What a great set of photos! Looks like you were having FUN! You are so wonderful to meet up with so many folks!!! If I'm ever in Orlando again I'll be sure to let you know! No plans in the immediate future but there's just too much there not to go back LOL!