03 March 2015

Whisker Graphics: my FINAL project

Hello, friends:}

Today I'm sharing my FINAL Whisker Graphics creation that is featured on the WG blog-- you can also read about this creation over on the WG blog HERE.

I'm prioritizing my schedule and commitments because I want to focus more on my calling and position as a Worship Leader for New Hope East church. That means that I had to leave a couple of teams... and one was WG

This saddens me so much because you know how much I love love love my bitty bags! LOL! But (here's the GOOD news).... I know that I will be purchasing more bitty bags from WG when I need them for parties, gifts, etc! So this really isn't the last goodbye... I'll be sharing WG on my projects in the future:)

So today, I'm sharing three easy projects! The first two are bracelets (leather and a larger string) wrapped with WG solid divine twine colors! These are super easy to make and are a fashionable accessory to any outfit--- wrapping bracelets with divine twine also adds a bit of flair and "life" to your older bracelets! It's a great way to upcycle or put life into something old:)

WG Coral, Yellow, and Gray solid divine twine on a leather bracelet with a charm
WG CoralRed, and Deep Pink solid divine twine on a larger white string wrap bracelet

I also had time last month to create another SUPER EASY project--- I bought this burlap bag around Valentine's day. I cross-stitched over a white heart on the front of the bag using some WG Coral solid divine twine. LOOOOOOVE how this turned out! I think that this would be perfect for a young teenage girl... maybe for her make-up bag? Or even for pencils or other goodies! 
That's it for me today! And be sure to stop by the WG blog for more inspiration. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Joy {and the WG team}, for allowing me to play with and feature WG product on my blog for 3 years! I've enjoyed every minute of this adventure with you! 

THANKS so much for stopping by! Be blessed:}

02 March 2015

Virtual Smooches: February RECAP

Hello, friends:}

I've been sharing my Virtual Smooches videos over on the VS blog with just sneak peeks I created a post with all of my February videos and creations-- just in case you've missed any! **NOTE:: Thursdays and/or Fridays are my video days on the VS blog. Mark that in your calendar! 

***Be sure to change your settings to HD before watching! THANKS:) 

February 5: Sav Challenges #2
February 13: How-To Bow Dies (part 1 and 2)

PS dies: Easter Egg and Baby Bow

PS stamps: Incognito and A Little LovinPS dies: Easter Egg and Sassy Letters
JZ and Brian----Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much for allowing me to interrupt your day and take photos of your kids! 
PS dies: Easter Egg

PS stamps: Easter BlessingsPS dies: Easter Egg

That's it for me today-- be sure to stop by the Virtual Smooches blog for more inspiration! And don't forget to stop by the Paper Smooches SPARKS blog for challenges and a chance to win a Paper Smooches gift certificate! 

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01 March 2015

Paper Smooches SPARKS: March Anything Goes (wk1) challenge

Hello, friends:}
Today we start another weekly challenge over at Paper Smooches SPARKS blog!! Another Anything Goes challenge starts today!   
That's right--you get to create ANYTHING you want (as long as you use Paper Smooches stamps)!! This is the BEST challenge ever!!!
This is a CAS masculine birthday card... not saying who it's for:) ***I'm doing my BEST NOT to show Trav this card before his bday next week! I didn't even show him this card yet! Now that's super hard for me- I can't keep secrets! LOL! 

I used some older papers {so this card fits in the Sav Challenges!!!} from Basic Grey along with some cork embellishments from Studio Calico. I stamped the male figure from the PS Off the Charts set and die cut the sentiment using the PS Sassy Letters. I like how the letters for the first two words are the same paper--- I die cut them thinking I would take them out and use a different paper behind, but I liked the way it looked:) To finish, I splattered some IMAGINE Crafts irRESISTible textured spray. LOVE

I used the Paper Smooches Christmas Words 2 and Snowflakes dies to create this CAS holiday card. The papers are from an OLD Doodlebug pad. The sequins is from Pretty Pink Posh. Super simple-- LOVE it! 

That's it for me today--but be sure to stop by the other Paper Smooches SPARKS DT members' blogs and leave them some love

And don't forget to stop by the Paper Smooches SPARKS blog for more details. This challenge ends March 7th. Hope you join in the fun--- this is the EASIEST challenge ever!!!!!!!!

THANKS so much for stopping by! Be blessed:}

28 February 2015

deep{er} #27: reflections

Hello, friends:)

Happy Saturday:) I hope that you were blessed this past week and that your cup was overflowing with joy, love, and peace.

Before I get started on my post, I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who stop by my blog and read my reflections/etc. I have received lots of emails from friends, family, classmates, crafting friends, and even other believers asking questions or asking for prayers, as well as comments on several of my posts. I am encouraged by your love and support! THANK YOU

UPDATE WOW! This week went by fast. Again, I had so much going on that I honestly don't know what I did all week! 

I plan on slowing down soon... I'll keep you posted (if you know me... slowing down doesn't really happen! LOL!)

Here's a recap of this week's happenings: 

  • Discipleship- I met with J for our very first study on Tuesday. I think it went well. I absolutely love our study, Revive Our Hearts and Erin DavisBeautiful Encounters. Quick Reflection---This week we looked at Anna and Elizabeth's encounters with Jesus. One encounter happened before he was born [when Mary visits Elizabeth Luke 1:39-45] and the other was when he was a baby being presented in the temple [Luke 2:36-38], and yet both encounters shows us Jesus' divinity. He is God and was God even before he was born--- I've never thought of his divinity during these two situations, but now I can't stop thinking about it! How amazing is it that these two women knew the Lord and Savior, and what Jesus would do for the world, before he was the age of one... BEFORE he could do anything!!! 
    Here's a pic from last week... Olsen likes to be a part of our class too:)

  • My Notes- A couple of Savannah FACTS before I tell you my story: I don't like journaling, but I will take notes all day long for sermons and teachings that I hear on the radio/at church/etc. I just like taking notes:) I also haven't read the Bible all the way through, so my goal is to start reading books in the Bible and taking notes/etc. Ok... so I started thinking back to when I first became a Christian (2002). I knew that about a year later I started reading the Bible during my lunch break at work, and I remember taking notes in a blue journal... but where was that journal now? Well... I found it! I found all of my original notes from when I was attending church at Ball State University, The Revolution, as well as some of the notes when I started attending my former church here in Florida in 2004. LOOOOOOOOOONG story short.... I started my 3030 Challenge and needed to find a book in the Bible to start reading and taking notes. Well the funny story of this super long story is that when I started reading the Bible in 2003 (or so) I heard that I should start in the book of John. So I opened up the bible and started in 1 John. I thought that was where I should start... it was after 3 John that I realized there was a completely different book of John! LOL! So my point... I started my 3030 Challenge in 1 John just like I did in 2003 :) I am also taking notes for this new study in the same journal from 2003! LOL! LOVE it:)
    These are some of the sermon notes on the bulletins that I kept from 2003! The sermon topic was "Strange Love" (marriage and God's love). 

REFLECTION: So all week I've been feeling a bit strange... something has been just tugging at my heart and making my stomach hurt. 

I think it has to do with my 3030 Challenge reading in 1 John 2:15 of not loving this world but looking to God and things of eternal matter. How much do I love this world? Does my flesh win over my spirit? How often? What makes me fall into the lies of this world--- esp since I know that this world passes away and that nothing in this world is from God [1 John 2:16]?!?!?!   

Something has to change... I have to start living more for God. I need to stop falling into the desires of my flesh or wanting a different material item (this week... it's a sweeper but most weeks it's new clothes or shoes or a new purse... possibly even wanting to buy something for Trav, but mostly for myself).... I have to start thinking that as soon as I buy something it will start decaying. 

I'm sick to my stomach for what I've been doing. It hurts my heart that there are so many people in need (real need) and yet I'm worried about getting a new purse! And NOTE: I'm a giver...I love to bless others when I see a need. I just need to give more. Stop falling to the desire of my flesh and being selfish. 

My goals for this week:
  1. Continue my 3030 Challenge in 1 John and hopefully move on to 2 John :) I still think it's funny that I am reading these books before John just like I did before- LOL! 
  2. Continue with Today in the Word Acts Bible study. 
  3. FINALLY start chapter 5 of the Dr. David Jeremiah Agents of Apocalypse *This is the chapter where Trav and I can be seen on the TV program Turning Point--- The Dragon! Check out my original post HERE.
      I pray that God has been speaking to you--- and that you are blessed beyond what you have asked or wanted ❤️. I also am praying that God would open our eyes and heart to His Will, love, and Word. May you go deep{er} with God this week! 

      Remember, if you need prayer, please contact me {savannahland2 at comcast dot net}. 

      THANKS so much for stopping by today! Be blessed:}

      22 February 2015

      Paper Smooches SPARKS: February Designer Drafts challenge

      Hello, friends:}

      Today we start another weekly challenge over at Paper Smooches SPARKS blog!! This week we are sharing a DESIGNER DRAFT challenge. 

      This week we are inspired by the following sketch:
      **Sentiments can be placed anywhere on the sketch.

      So... I thought I was doing well at following sketches... but this one I might have went off track a bit! LOL! I used an animal image for the flower, moved the sentiment (which is allowed! LOL!), flipped the sketch, and layered some papers. Thoughts??? I guess I really didn't change too much for this sketch... well, maybe I did:)
      I created a simple birthday card for just about anyone (but the pink makes me think I will give this to a girl!). I used the Paper Smooches Cardbooking and Quotables dies- LOVE! And I used stamps from the PS Nine Lives and Digits sets. EASY! I love that the speech bubble is hanging off the edges and the sentiment is two different colors (both IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko inks! LOVE!). This is a simple card but with lots of detail in the papers and design! ***And I kind of followed the sketch:)

      That's it for me today--but be sure to stop by the other Paper Smooches SPARKS DT members' blogs, get inspired, and leave them some love

      And don't forget to stop by the Paper Smooches SPARKS blog for more details!!!! This challenge ends February 28th. I cannot wait to see what you make!!! 

      THANKS so much for stopping by! Be blessed:}

      21 February 2015

      deep{er} #26: reflections

      Hello, friends:)

      It's time to celebrate--- yesterday was Poppie's 89th birthday-- happy happy birthday, Poppie:)

      I hope that you are doing well and that the Lord has been speaking to you all week!  

      UPDATE: SOOOOOOOOO much has been going on since we last chatted!

      • Turning Point- Trav and I were informed on Sunday that we were in the audience of last week's Turning Point Spiritual Warfare series (week 5: Shoes of the Gospel of Peace)! So funny since we didn't even get to hear this sermon, and they used the exact same image as last time but just flipped it! Check us out on THIS post-- you will see the similarities. 
      • Discipleship- I started discipling a young girl this week. Her name is J. I'm super excited but also nervous at the same time.... I'm not sure I know how to disciple! I did pick out an amazing series for our bible study, Revive Our Hearts and Erin Davis' Beautiful Encounters. I plan on doing the study with J at the beginning of our time, and then using the second half for fun stuff like crafting, cooking, and hanging out. Pray for me as I mentor this young woman!
      • Radio- AGAIN! I was on the radio show Open Line Radio (air date 2.14.15). I asked a question on Twitter, and they answer it at about 39 minutes in the show! Be sure to check it out HERE to find out what I asked and what the answer was:)  

      REFLECTION: So... it's been 26 or so weeks, and I'm thinking it's time to reflect on my deep{er} goal and idea. I need to evaluate and critique how I'm doing--- just to make sure I'm on the correct path and continuing to learn/live for God/etc.

      The whole reason I started writing these posts was because I felt lead to share what I've been studying. I thought that my blog would be a good way for me to spread the word of God's love and Truth. And I think I've been doing that- I've completed several studies, reflected on multiple topics and thoughts/beliefs during these 26 weeks.

      And then there's my OLW (One Little Word) and goal of going deep{er}. I am still feeling as if I'm in the shallow end. I've dug deep{er} into topics and some scripture of trials... but I'm not going as deep as the Lord wants me. So this past week, I decided to really find out what "going deep{er}" means. 

      I mentioned last week that my 3030 Challenge book arrived- I'm super excited because this is the study that I think might kick me off into this deep{er} water. 

      For about 13 years, I've only been "reading" my Bible. I mean... I do Bible studies, read scriptures for topics like fear, trials, etc...and I've always prayed. I was doing what I was taught. 

      But I need to go deep{er} in my relationship with God and get closer to Him. I complain that I don't hear Him or feel Him around me. Why is this? Because I'm not close to Him. I am unsatisfied. Why? Because I'm not intimate with God. And you know what? The level of my intimacy with God is exactly as close as I want to be at this moment! It's a casual intimacy because I'm not digging deep and not surrendering all of my life and time to Him. 

      Often I find myself seeking what God can do for me. GASP! I know! That's horrible! I'm ashamed because I need to be seeking the Kingdom of God FIRST... all the rest will be added when I seek His face [Matt 6:33]. Joyce Meyer said, "if we seek His face first, His hand will always be open". SOOOOOOOO true! And another thing I need to do is go beyond what I think and feel- take God at His Word! 

      Joyce also compared "snacks" and a "full course". Snacks are going to church or reading a scripture or two. A full course is making God first (a God Habit), spending time with God daily, memorizing scripture, and knowing that I can't make it without Him. With my weight-loss and training, I'm ALWAYS hungry! I want a "full course"!!! LOL! 

      I know the reasons I don't go deep{er}: I get distracted, work, watching TV instead of reading the Bible, etc. I need to get my pruning sheers out, cutting off and out anything that draws me away from time with God. I need to ask myself, "Is it bearing fruit?" If not, cut it off/out!

      To go deep{er}, I'm going to continue doing what I normally do, as well as add in a couple of new things:

      • Continue to pray prayers for Travis from Power of a Praying Wife and doing my prayer journal, reading my Acts study, and now my discipleship study. 
      • But I'm also going to spend 30 minutes in the Word--- reading and asking God bring revelation to me as I seek Him. I have lots of concordances and word study bibles... and I will continue to use these to go deep{er} for topics/words/etc.
      • I am going to start journaling (sigh! I hate journaling! But I'm going to do it- I want to keep track of what I read and what God tells me.). 
      • I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED to start listening, opening my ears to what God is saying! He is talking, but I just haven't been listening.
      • And finally, I will pick up my "Book of Remembrance" [Malachi 3:16] again. This is a little journal notebook that I was writing blessings and thanksgiving in for the past year. I stopped doing it because I was writing answered prayers in my prayer journal. But I'm going to pick it back up and start using it again so that I will have a specific area where all my "remembrances" can be found. 

      I don't want to waste any more time! Actually, all I'm going to do is study the Word in a deep{er} way. And "study" isn't even in the Greek dictionary! It says "see DILIGENCE part B", which is defined as laboring and endeavoring, exerting oneself, being zealous, continuous, and earnestness. That's what I need to do! 

      I'm on the right track, but I'm going to run faster and go deep{er}--- well, that's my goal for the next 6 months:)

      My goals for this week:
      1. Pray pray pray (this is still on my list of things to-do) *I'm doing good... hopefully I will share a video of my prayer journal sometime in the future! LOL! 
      2. Begin 3030 Challenge with Joyce Meyer- I'm starting this challenge probably on Sunday or Monday-- I like to start new studies at the beginning of the week...and I had to watch a week's worth of DVDs/TV programs to get an idea of what the study was about. Hope you can join me--- click HERE if you want to sign up for this 3030 challenge:)
      3. Continue with Today in the Word Acts Bible study. *I'm still on chapter 14 or 15- I didn't get a chance to do one Acts study this week :( 
      4. Continue with chapter 5 of the Dr. David Jeremiah Agents of Apocalypse *This is the chapter where Trav and I can be seen on the TV program Turning Point--- The Dragon! Check out my original post HERE.
          I pray that God has been speaking to you--- and that you are blessed beyond what you have asked or wanted ❤️. I also am praying that God would open our eyes and heart to His Will, love, and Word. May you go deep{er} with God this week! 

          Remember, if you need prayer, please contact me {savannahland2 at comcast dot net}. 

          THANKS so much for stopping by today! Be blessed:}

          18 February 2015

          IMAGINE Crafts: Studio Glaze Gems RECAP

          Hello, friends:)

          Today I'm sharing a recap of my project over on the Imagine Crafts blog. Click HERE or HERE to check it out:) Click HERE for the video on Vimeo
          ****Be sure to change your settings to HD before watching this video! THANKS:)
          I used a Tsukineko Studio Glaze inks to create some super fun, custom gems for jewelry and even a rearview mirror decoration for my new car, Fitz! 
          You can even create some fresh and modern jewelry! 
          I hope that you will stop over on the Imagine Crafts blog HERE to check out my video or leave some love

          Thanks so much for stopping by! Be blessed:)