02 January 2014

Virtual Smooches: 2013 Bloopers

Hello, friends:}

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Today's my day to share a video over on the  Paper Smooches video blog- Virtual Smooches

Just for fun... and since it's the beginning of the year... I thought I would share some of my mistakes and funny bloopers from several of my 2013 VS videos. 

Sometimes it would make me super upset.... and you can hear my frustration in my voice! And sometimes I would redo the video four or five times before I got it right- that's a lot of taping and talking! LOL! 

I'm so glad that I can laugh at these takes now! I hope you enjoy watching and that your gut hurts from laughing or giggling so much :)

Be sure to check out the  Virtual Smooches blog {HERE} for my videos and details! 

Here's a sneak peek of my blooper video:
THANKS so much for stopping by--- be sure to go HERE for my video! Be blessed:}


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Oh this is gonna be fun! Off to see!

Samantha Mann said...

What a fun idea and video!!! (Love that picture of Olsen at the end!!)
Your videos are totally inspiring and educational and amazing!! 2013 was such an amazing and inspirational year on your blog! Here's to another year of jaw dropping and incredible designs!
Ps - I hope you had a beautiful, happy Christmas!!!

Taheerah (*LittleMissT*) said...

That. Was. Hilarious!! OMG, I had tears!! So so good of you to post your bloopers reel, I loved it!! And I am totally going to have to talk to you about tips for filming videos, lol!!

Shannon J said...

I can not wait to check this out - I LOVE bloopers! (well, maybe not when they're happening, but it's always fun to look back and have a giggle!!).

sghay said...

I really liked your bloopers video and fell in love with Olsen..he's a sweetheart!

Lisa said...

Teehee very fun and Olsen is a hoot, love his spectacles!!!

terri foltz said...

Thank you for the laughs!! Everyone does make mistakes we are just not always recording them!! Happy New Year!!

Jennyfer L said...

Teeheehee, that was so fun! I always say mistakes are a fun way to learn from...they make us better each time. Your videos are awesome, keep it up Savannah;-)