06 January 2015

Whisker Graphics: DIY Scarf

Hello, friends:}

Today I'm sharing my Whisker Graphics creation that is featured on the WG blog-- you can also read about this creation over on the WG blog HERE.

The season: Winter. The weather here in Florida: mid 80's. BUT...I'm ALWAYS cold! So when I saw THIS tutorial on how to make a scarf using fleece and yarn, I knew I could use my FAVORITE WG divine twine to make a fashionable scarf to wear:) 

I followed the tutorial on THIS blog but swapped the yarn for WG Coral Solid and Gold Metallic divine twine. This was so easy that I completed this project while riding in a car on Christmas Eve! Here's how I made this scarf: 

  1. Cut about 60+ strands of divine twine that are about 18 inches long. Set aside. 
  2. Cut your fleece to create clean/nice edges. *My scarf is 10 inches by 60 inches. 
  3. Cut small holes all along each of the ends of the scarf.
    • Fold one edge end up about 1/4 of an inch. 
    • Create SMALL holes using sharp scissors and snipping the fabric every 1/4 of a inch.
    • Repeat for the other end of scarf.
  4. Create tassels and attach to scarf.
    • Gather together 2 or 3 strands of divine twine and fold in half. *It doesn't matter if it's exactly in half. These strands will be trimmed later:) 
    • Take crochet hook and place it through a hole and grab the divine twine and pull it back through.
    • Take the tails of the divine twine and thread it through the loop. *Do not pull hard, but gently pull your divine twine to secure it in place.
    • Repeat for each hole and end of scarf.
  5. To finish your scarf, use a rotary cutter and ruler to trim the ends evenly. *You can also add a bit of fray-check to the ends of your divine twine to make sure they don't fray:) 

That's it for me today! And be sure to stop by the WG blog for more inspiration. Also-- did you know about Whisker Graphics's new products??? Like bitty bags with GOLD designs! ACK! LOOOOOOVE LOOOOOOVE LOOOOOOVE! Check it out HERE

THANKS so much for stopping by! Be blessed:}


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh this is gorgeous!! LOVING how you did that!!!!!!

~amy~ said...


Shelly said...

Beautiful, Savannah! Love it! And I'm always cold too! ;) Our house gets no lower than 80 inside, even when it's hot out! LOL Though, this forecast for the next few days is NOT looking good...low 40's! NO THANKS! ;)

ValByDesign, Valerie said...

That is darling! And something I could do! Love it :)

Janet said...

Such a great idea, and it can be changed up many ways! Thanks for sharing.

Samantha Mann said...

Wow!! Absolutely amazing project!!! That scarf is gorgeous! Such a wonderful idea!!! Wow!! Your creative mind is a thing of wonder!

Teresa Doyle said...

Love the scarf but 80 degrees in Florida and YOU'RE COLD? LOL Good thing you're NOT in Nova Scotia (Canada)today!

Lisa said...

Well isn't this just the bees knees!! Amazing project Sav and it looks so cute on you!!

Nancy Carroll said...

LOVE this! TFS

Jinny Newlin said...

Such a beautiful project, Savannah! Really love that bit of gold. So classy!