03 January 2015

deep{er} #21: reflections

Hello, friends:)

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Happy NEW Year!!! I hope that you had an awesome Christmas holiday and that the beginning of 2015 has been wonderful and full of positive events, news, and blessings! 

UPDATE: THANK YOU x100000 leaving so many wonderful comments on my last post about my weight loss and Christmas review! And that brings me to our next update....

We have a giveaway winner! I was sad that some of you couldn't leave a comment on my blog, so I accepted comments on Facebook as well! And because I had extra entries, I had to pick a winner the old fashioned way- pulling names out of a hat (or tub). 
Trav and Olsen actually helped me pick a name! 

And our winner is.....

Wendy Kraft said...
Thank you so much for the opportunity to win these awesome gifts. I really do enjoy your Saturday posts as this prompts me more to go deeper. Also, great job on eating better, it truly shows how how you have worked:) it is challenging as I have been on this journey since October 1st and man is it hard to be good everyday, too many treats this time of year! God bless.

Congrats, Wendy! Please send me an email (savannahland2 at comcast dot net) with your address to claim your prize! 

I wish I had enough prizes for everyone... maybe I'll have another giveaway soon:) 

And for my last update, I wanted to share a gift that my Mom got me. I was shocked! I don't know the story of how she got this book but I want to know-- so Mom, if you are reading this, text me the story:) My Mom sent me a devotional book on the Psalms, Unending Praise, written by Margaret Steinacker. Mrs. Steinacker lives in my hometown in Indiana (well, the next town over)!!! And she even signed my book! I can't wait to read it! THANKS, Mom:) 
REFLECTION: Ok.... so last week was a bit of a this and a bit of that due to it being the end of the year. My reflection will be really short (again)! 

The thing I heard over and over, and even read about, was humility. I've always wanted to be humble- I know in the Bible it says that God opposes the proud [James 4:6; 1 Peter 5:5]. And I will admit that I've been puffed up before... sometimes I don't even know when pride is sitting in my heart until God points it out or until someone else does! 

For example, I didn't even know I had pride about my teeth until I went to the dentist. Normally, Trav and I don't see our dentist; our check-ups are good and we see the doctor every 2 years. Well, we have a new dentist... they took x-rays... and found 3 (THREE) cavities in my teeth! WHAT?!?!!? I hardly-never-ever have sugar or sweets... I floss like crazy... I brush regularly... how did this happen!? I was sitting in the car sulking on the way home and realized that I had pride in my teeth! Weird... but it's true. I've only had one cavity (around age 8-12) and really good reports about my teeth for 33 years. And I'm not even sure if it really is pride in my heart about my teeth (I mean really... that sounds stupid! And not something I really think about... I don't sit here saying, "I love my teeth! They are amazing! Look at your bad teeth.")... I just know that I felt convicted that I needed to humble myself that day and especially about my teeth. 

Long story I guess! But anyway...

I just want to be humble. I don't want to think more of myself than I should... I don't want to think I've got it under control, especially when I don't... I don't want pride to take root in my heart or in my job or in my life. 

This all surfaces as we literally take our first step in our new position as Worship Leaders. I guess I'm just afraid of failing. I know I can't lead without God. I know I can't do anything without Him. I just want to make sure that I'm obeying, faithful, and persistent in seeking Him. 

I know the Bible says that God opposes the proud [1 Peter 5:5]... but I need to read the next verse as well, Humble yourself before God, and TRUST Him to take care of you [1 Peter 5:6]. 

So my reflection this week... Sav, you are taking a HUGE step of faith by leading worship. You can't do it without God-- Trust in Him that He's called you to this position! Humble yourself before God and trust that He will lift you up for such a time as this--- in due time... that time is NOW! Humbly lead for God! 

My goals for this week:
  1. Pray pray pray :)
  2. Start reading You and Me Forever- Trav and I are doing a book study with our pastors using this book
  3. Continue with Today in the Word Acts Bible study
  4. Continue with chapter 3 of the Dr. David Jeremiah Agents of Apocalypse
  5. Start working on my 2015 Spiritual Goals-- hopefully I can share a picture of them next week.  
      I pray that God has been speaking to you--- and that you are blessed beyond what you have asked or wanted ❤️. Remember, if you need prayer, please contact me {savannahland2 at comcast dot net}. 

      THANKS so much for stopping by today! Be blessed:}


      Wendy Kraft said...

      Hello Savannah,
      I have tried your email a couple of times,but it keeps getting kicked back. I have tried spelling it out as you have it. Can you email me and I will reply back with my address? Thank you so much for the gift, I was so surprised and excited to see that this morning!

      Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

      Congrats to Wendy and the book you got looks wonderful!!!!

      MOM said...

      Margaret Steinacker is a quilting friend of mine. She wrote the book and had it published and I knew the book would be a great gift for you. Margaret lives on 119 just across from your Uncle John and Aunt Kelly's Bed and Breakfast THE TUCK YOU INN. Margaret has all kinds of talents and she loves to share!! :) Love, MOM

      Teresa Doyle said...

      Hi Savannah, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Teresa and I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada. I "found" you on the blog hop and was impressed with your cards. Can't wait to check out your blog and see ALL of your work. Happy New Year

      Shelly said...

      Congrats, Wendy! And what a wonderful gift from your Mom! Enjoy! :)

      riliska said...

      Many congratulations to the winner :)

      Nancy Carroll said...

      Congrats Wendy...

      Charity Chamberlain said...

      Congratulations to Wendy! Olsen is so adorable! Love that he is the one picking the winner ;)