20 July 2010

happy mail....it's been awhile!

Hey hey friends:}

Just wanted to share with you some of the things that I've received in the mail---happy mail is the BEST! It's been awhile since I've updated you on some cool winnings and way awesome websites! So be sure to stop by all of them:::

1. Swaggrabber--I won two awesome bracelets from this site! Super cute!! They engraved them with whatever I wanted. AWESOME!!
2. Lucky Girl Crafts-- goodness gracious--This kit is the bomb!! I love love love it! I cannot wait to use all these goodies. I won this kit for this card. LOVE it twice now:)
3. Paper Crafts--I won a bag of ribbon--tons of ribbon! I love it all!! I can't believe how cute ribbon has become--there is ribbon with clouds on it! And stars!! Super cute:}
4. Studio Calico--back at the beginning of June, I receieved a box full of the Brooke Collection! Super cute colors! I'm dying to open them--but I don't want to run out {that's the hoarder in me!}. I'm sure I'll use them on a project soon!!
5a. Ryann Salamon--wow!! I love Ryann! She is AMAZING and TALENTED! I got a box full of goodies from her...stickers and buttons and tags...goodies!! MMMM! Love it! And I used those fab frames on the card below--my fav fav fav baby card ever!! 
5b. I even received this cute card in Ryann's package--LOOOOVE it! 
6.  Lucky Girl Crafts #2-- I won another challenge or givewaway over on this site! Amazing goodies in this box too:} I love the purple, green, teal combo! I used these on a project that I will be sharing later next week! Can't wait!! 
7. Snapfish--I was able to get a free notebook from them! How fun! I already had one with pics for my scheduling/etc....so I made one for Trav. I used this awesome photo by Doug Bunnell [EHSPhoto]. Hopefully it will help him get his songs down and organized for his CD! **NOTE:: I think this is his fifth notebook from me! I need to figure out who else to send notebooks to:}
8. Michele--she is the sweetest:)  I won a pack of Crate & Paper goodies from her. I've had this wonderful card sitting on my desk since I won it--and forgot to mention it! ThanksMichele:}
9. Unity Stamp Co.--LOOOOOOOOOOVE this company! Over on FB they are giving away some stamps to fans of their page!! Be sure to click HERE and join in the fun!! I won two different little stamps:} SUPER excited!! 

I think that is it...THANKS to all who sent me these wonderful goodies:} I know I haven't shared many projects lately--don't worry! I've got stuff up my sleeve (which we don't where here in FL since it is so hot...but no worries--I still have things to share later!!!). I hope you are having a great day! Thanks again for stopping by!! Lots of love to you!! Be blessed! 


Martha said...

wow, u lucky duck!! :)

StampinCathy said...

WOW! All the happy mail is so awesome. Congrats to YOU!

Julie Ranae said...

Good grief girly...glad to know there will be fun things to play with when I come to see you ; )

lynn said...

wow, this is like xmas in july, savannah! good for you! i LOVE that baby card!

Lisa Somerville said...

Holy Cow Sav! What an awesome mail day you had, can I come and play!

Jenny said...

Merry Christams in July!!! Awesome!! :) :) :) :)

Virginia L. said...

Wooooow! That's a a lot of GOODIES! You so deserved it, girl! Have fun!!

Heather Jensen said...

Holy cow girl that is a lot of goodies. You seriously hit the jackpot!
Those are all wonderful cards. You are one lucky girl. :)

TROG said...

I love my notebook JB... Thanks for thinking of me!

Natalie said...

Goodness gracious, you are one blessed young lady!! How fun is that to get all those goodies in the mail!! I'm sure you'll be sharing lots of wonderful projects with us in the very near future!

Julia Dunnit said...

Hey - saw your comment on Esther's blog and thought I'd swing by and tell you - WOYWW is
What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - a bit of fun and nosey madness that kicks off at my blog once a week. On a Wednesday, oddly enough! Really enjoyed browsing your blog this morning.

Esther said...

Wow - what a lovely lot of goodies you've won, congrats. I'm waiting for a prize myself to drop thorugh the post - it's so exciting. Anyway i came over to answer ur question about WOYWW but it seems Julia beat me to it and seeing as it's her baby who can blame her...it's great fun, I discovered it just after I started blogging and it has helped me link with many great people and their blogs..you must have a look, I was hooked fro the start...hope to see you there..Esther xx

Amy said...

Holy Freakin Cow SAV! That's a lot of crap...I hope Ashley doesn't come over here..she'll freak! LOL

Suzanne C said...

Lucky Lucky Lucky and talented!!!