09 March 2014

Paper Smooches SPARKS March Picture Perfect challenge

Hello, friends:}
****Happy birthday to Travis!!!!!!! I hope you enjoy this very special day-- celebrate and EAT CAKE!!!! Psalm 118:24
Today we start another weekly challenge over at Paper Smooches SPARKS blog!! This week is a Picture Perfect challenge.  

This week we are inspired by the following picture:
So.... before I share how I was inspired, I probably should tell you a little story about how this card came about.... So this PSS term, I didn't ask the gals for their addresses (no reason, I just didn't). About a month ago, I received a Facebook message from Trisha. She mentioned that she saw something about me living in Florida. And then she asked where I live. I told her and asked her if she knew of my town. She said (and I'm quoting), "Yeah. I know of that area!" The NEXT day..... she tells me she lives only 5 minutes from me! Are you kidding me!??!?!?!? You know of this town!?!?! You LIVE here, Trisha;) And double "are you kidding me?" because I could have been crafting with her for months if I had asked her what her address was! LOL! 

So anyway.... we finally were able to get together on Tuesday last week for a craft date. She arrived with cupcakes for Trav and lots of crafty goodness/stamps/etc. She worked on her card for an upcoming challenge (side NOTE: oh my! This card is super cute! LOVE LOVE LOVE!) while I tried to work on my PSS Picture Perfect creation. I think I started at least 3 different cards..... and NOTHING! So I finally started talking it out loud with Trisha and it hit me! I was going to be inspired by the "rustic" feel of this photo and the yarn. I started working on my card around 11pm, and by 12:30am Trisha was finished with her card. Me...... I didn't finish until 2 days later! LOL! 

Like I said, I was inspired by the "rustic" feel of the photo so I used the Crate Paper Close Knit collection for my papers. I only used ONE stamp set {Paper Smooches Nine Lives} for this card--- totally not what I do but I love how it turned out! LOL!
Now there was a bit of a problem with the yarn idea.... I knew that this PS set had a yarn image, but I wasn't sure how I wanted to use it on my card. I tried stamping, fussy cutting, glaze pens, floss, twine, coloring twine to match the paper, etc! Trisha can verify this number- I probably stamped this image 10 times and fussy cut it out 2 or 3 times before I gave up. LOL! When she was cleaning up her area and getting ready to leave (and I was panicking because I hadn't finished ANYTHING), another idea hit me! I thought about stitching the yarn and image. 

Trisha kept in contact with me for a couple of days and when I finally showed her my finished card, she said it was PERFECT! HOOOOORAY! I finally finished! LOL! ****Side NOTE: Trisha came over to teach me to color using Copics.... oh my! I think I kind of understand.... so I colored a tongue for this kitty.... oh my! It didn't look good! I think I tried it 2 times! So when Trisha wasn't looking, I fussy cut this little tongue from patterned paper! She commented on that little white spot on his tongue and thought I had colored it! LOL! I fooled her:) I do have to say that I should try coloring again.... it's just so new to me that I don't like it yet:) LOL! 
You can see the detail in that yarn image-- it took me about 30 minutes to stitch using different sizes of stitches. I loooooooove how it turned out:) 

That's it for me today--but be sure to stop by the other Paper Smooches SPARKS DT members' blogs and leave them some love

And don't forget to stop by the Paper Smooches SPARKS blog for more details. This challenge ends March 15th. I cannot wait to see what you make--I actually can't wait to see what you are inspired by in this photo!!

THANKS so much for stopping by! Be blessed:} 
ps... Olsen was so good when Trisha was here! However, when Trav brought home dinner.... Olsen found a new spot to hang out:) Eating with that face staring at me was a bit difficult! LOL! 


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Happy birthday Travis!!! And how fun to meet up with a crafty friend! I loveeeeeeeee your card! That kitty is adorable!!!! And totally get Olsen doing that... Dandy always stares at me with those puppy dog eyes when I eat! LOL!!!!!!!

Sue Lelli said...

What a CUTE post, Sav, and I LOVED hearing about your LONG process with many tries because now I don't feel like it's only me! LOL! LOVE all the photos and that you have a craft friend 5 minutes away! CUTE card and I love the tongue! I'm with you on the coloring!

vicki said...

Wow you too had loads of fun together :) love the card and Olsen is so sweet :)

Vic x

Shannon J said...

Oh my goodness, so much I need to say!! Okay, first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRAV!!! Next, I absolutely adore the card!! Sweet and SO BRILLIANT how did the yarn!!! Don't worry about taking so long at all - I am the SAME way!!! It is a rare day if it all just comes together effortlessly!! And guess what?!! I had a similar discovery not so long ago! I was looking at one of Pamela Ho's project life pages and recognized some familiar sites!! Turns out we live about 20 mins from each other!!! We met up for coffee in February and it was amazing to meet her!!! She brought her PL book with her and WOW she is such a talent!! She was the first (and only!) blog friend I have been able to meet and it was such a treat!!

Clare said...

This is SO cute, Sav! I just love all those soft colors, and how you resolved that yarn problem! ;)
Man, I am SO jealous of you and Trish - sounds like an awesome night of crafting!
And happy birthday to Travis!! :)

Miriam Prantner said...

Such a sweet card! Love this!

Lisa said...

You are so funny!! But through all of the panicking and procrastinating this turned out Purrrrrrfectly!!! So fun that the two of you live so close and didn't know it. And now about Olsen...just look at that face! I had Max giving me the stare down last night as I was peeling a clementine!!! Silly pup ;)

Nancy Carroll said...

Cute story!

cm said...

Oh, Savanna - what a fabulous story of meeting up with Trisha and sharing some crafting time together! I'd so love to do that with you and Shannon! Your card turned out fabulously! The papers, as always are lovely; the kitten is adorable, and the 'little extras' - stitching, yarn, fussy-cut tongue (I'm with you re: copics. Don't get how to use them. Every time I try = mess!). Super-duper, ultra-mega sweet (just like you!)

Kylie said...

You write the best blog posts! They just make me laugh and I LOVE that you are so real about your creating. I like to hear that other creative people have the same issues I have. Is that wrong? haha Your Olsen is TOTALLY adorable!! Happy birthday to your Travis and yay for local crafting buddies!

Samantha Mann said...

Oh my goodness!!! So much to comment here! Here I go: your card is incredible!!! That stitched yarn...wow!!! I am floored!! The story of the tongue on the kitty is hilarious!! (I totally laughed out loud when I read you switched and paper pieced it! Ha ha ha! And how amazing that you found someone to craft with!!! So so happy!!! And lastly (but definitely not least!!) happy (belated!) birthday to Travis!!!