01 July 2014

Whisker Graphics: Divine Twine Bracelets

Hello, friends:}

Today I'm sharing my Whisker Graphics creation that is featured on the WG blog-- you can also read about this creation over on the WG blog HERE.

I think this is the FIRST time since I joined the WG team where I didn't use a bitty bag for my project! LOL! 

It's summertime, and there are lots of hours where the kids need to be entertained! And that is what inspired my project today- EASY divine twine bracelets! 

All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Get your supplies, including some WG divine twine (any color, any design will work- I've used the Solid Yellow, Orange, Coral, and Light Pink divine twines), as well as a plain bracelet (wood, plastic, etc). 
  2. Begin with one divine twine color and tie a knot (around the bracelet) to start your design. 
  3. Then start wrapping your divine twine around the bracelet and end with another knot when finished. *To secure the knot at the beginning, include your "end" of the knot in your wrapping design. 
  4. Continue to switch colors and wrap your bracelet. 

It's that easy! And there are LOTS of different Friendship Bracelets that you can make using WG divine twine  Check out some bracelet ideas HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE! This is a fun summer project for the kids!! 

That's it for me today! And be sure to stop by the WG blog for more inspiration. Also-- did you know about Whisker Graphics's new products??? Check it out HERE

THANKS so much for stopping by! Be blessed:}


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh what a great IDEA!!! I just loveeeeeeeeee this!!! The colors are so fun!!!!!

Lisa said...

Very cute idea and so easy for the kiddos to make over the summer! I ordered WG chevron bags for my DIL's baby shower thanks to you!!