24 October 2021

Technique Tuesday: Watercolor Christmas cards

Hello, friends! 

I'm super excited to be back today sharing MORE Technique Tuesday creations!!! 

I love being challenged to create using certain products and a theme or design style. It really helps me get into my creative flow! Sometimes I think outside the box, and sometimes I follow the theme exactly the way it was presented. Either way- I enjoy "specifics" that aid in pushing my creativity 😉 

The challenge/request: TT requested watercolor Christmas cards. Sounds easy and the ideas started to flow quickly! That was until I realized I wasn't doing the challenge or request correctly 🤦🏼‍♀️ I had forgotten to use watercoloring! LOL Don't worry! I completed the challenge, and I really love how everything turned out:) 

The first few creations use the TT Sweater Weather die. I went really simple with this first card **NOTE: Simple doesn't always mean easy! LOL! I embossed the die multiple times on a piece of watercolored paper, and a reflective silver Washi tape, dainty thread and bow, as well as a sentiment and confetti pieces added just the right finishing touches to this card. It's simple yet packed with detail all from that die
This card is perfect for mass producing with different watercolored backgrounds or as holiday Thank Yous or even as a smaller version too. Honestly, this die and card design could be used for just about any occasion with a flip of the colors and sentiments! I love it! 
Techniques: watercoloring, dry embossing, stamping, layering, CAS

The next two cards are a combo. One uses the scraps from the previous design, which is another thing I love- using up scraps for all projects:)

Both cards use the TT Sweater Weather die as the main design. I paper pieced the die image after running it through a die cut machine multiple times on the card base. 

Q: Where's the watercoloring element?
A: It might be hard to see in the first card, but the little green pieces from the die were watercolored. I used the scrap from this watercolored piece of paper for my next card! 
Techniques: watercoloring, die cutting, stamping, embossing, layering

Here's the scrap! I love how this card turned out-- all that gold and green together with a maroon bow! BEAUTIFUL! This color combo and design makes me think of fancy holiday parties and gatherings! 
Techniques: watercoloring, die cutting, layering, CAS, using scraps

I went with a silhouette design next. The perfect stamp bundle for this creation is the TT Nativity Silhouettes and Christ is Born sets! Another simple card for the win! The hardest part of this design was creating the watercolored background! LOL! I just couldn't get the navy-black color I wanted. I tried multiple times. This piece probably dried three or four times before getting just the right color for the night sky. #worththewait 
You might think that masking the sentiment and nativity scene so that I could emboss with two different colors would be the hardest part- but not for me! One of my favorite techniques is masking sentiments/images:) 
Techniques: watercoloring, stamping, masking, embossing, CAS

And finally, I wanted to finish with a fun & cute design (which is really my style-- however, I went with a CAS + one layered fun & cute card.... which is NOT my style! LOL!). I used the TT Hello Winter stamp set- perfect for fun & cute! 
There are three steps for this card: stamping, embossing, and coloring. Super EASY! I did add a some fluffy elements to the boots and jacket so it wasn't sooooooo one layered:) LOL! 
As soon as I sent this photo to Trav (for his approval), he responded with "You say that all the time!" I live in Florida, and I'm honestly COLD almost ALL the time (our thermostat is set to 78* most of the year)!!! 
Techniques: watercoloring, stamping, embossing, CAS, one layer

I hope this helps you get into the holiday spirit--- Christmas will be here before you know it! 

Be sure to check out the Christmas & Winter Collection of stamps and dies, as well as bundles, HERE on the Technique Tuesday website!

THANKS so much for stopping by! 
Be blessed ❤️

03 October 2021

Catching up:)

Hello, friends! 

I apologize for the lack of posting-- sometimes it's hard for me to keep up with the demands of blogging and social media (which includes: stories, posts, videos, etc)! I'm hoping to do better with this in the future. I probably have over 200 creations to share with you that have never been seen! LOL! I am really behind😉

Here are a few creations that I shared on Instagram recently. 

First up is a bear-y cute card I created after being inspired by a toddler shirt found at Walmart! You can check it out HERE on Instagram. 
I created the next two cards for some friends who needed to be lifted up. It's been a hard 18 months (maybe even MORE)! Click HERE for more details on Instagram. 
Unfortunately, these next two cards were needed after a sweet friend passed away. I knew I wanted to make something special and with a rose (as her name was Rose)... and I settled on these two designs for the family. I love how they turned out. I think I might make more of these using different colored cardstock (i.e. navy, dark green). More details and photos are HERE on Instagram. 
And finally... I joined the shaker card wagon! I do not like doing things that are trendy, but I just had to make these special shaker birthday cards. They are fun to make, and I have a feeling I will be making more soon:) Click HERE for Instagram details. 
That's it for me today! I have MORE to come- 196 more creations to share! LOL! 

I hope you are doing well <3 THANKS so much for stopping by!    

Be blessed ❤️