30 September 2014

Virtual Smooches: September RECAP

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I've been sharing my Virtual Smooches videos over on the VS blog with just sneak peeks here...so I created a post with all of my September videos and creations-- just in case you've missed any! **NOTE:: Thursdays are my video days on the VS blog. Mark that in your calendar! 

***Be sure to change your settings to HD before watching! THANKS:) 

September 4: Sav Challenge (Masculine Bday)

PS stamps: Happy BirthdayPS dies: Birthday Words

September 11: Leather Chevron Necklace

PS dies: Hexalongs

September 25: CAS Masculine card (Try #2)

This card fits 3 of my challenges: CAS, Masculine, and using up my stash! 
PS stamps: Design Motifs and Spiritual SamplerPS dies: Friend Word  

That's it for me today-- be sure to stop by the Virtual Smooches blog for more inspiration! And don't forget to stop by the Paper Smooches SPARKS blog for challenges and a chance to win a Paper Smooches gift certificate! 

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28 September 2014

Paper Smooches SPARKS September Designer Drafts challenge

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***Please click HERE for my deep{er} reflections post:) 

Today we start another weekly challenge over at Paper Smooches SPARKS blog!! This week we are sharing a DESIGNER DRAFT challenge. 

This week we are inspired by the following sketch:
**Sentiments can be placed anywhere on the sketch.

Uh... I think I followed this sketch... kind of... rotate it a couple of times and then make the diagonal design more like rays... and BAM! That's my card:) 

I created a very simple card using the PS Just a Note and Quote Tag dies. I wanted something CAS and perfect for just about anyone... I think I accomplished that:) The watercoloring was created using Imagine Crafts Fireworks inks! LOVE the splatters from my irRESISTible texture spray. **NOTE: Trav thinks this card is awesome:) LOL! 

That's it for me today--but be sure to stop by the other Paper Smooches SPARKS DT members' blogs, get inspired, and leave them some love

And don't forget to stop by the Paper Smooches SPARKS blog for more details!!!! This challenge ends October 4th. I cannot wait to see what you make!!! 

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deep{er} #9: reflections

Hello, friends:)

***After 3am EST- please click HERE for my Paper Smooches SPARKS post and creation:) 

Welcome back to my "reflections" post... a day late;) 

I think it's ok to reflect on Sunday! LOL! 

UPDATE: So this last week was even busier than the week before! My Jeep Liberty Sport overheated on the way to church, as well as when we were headed home after service! So the entire week, Trav was busy setting up times to meet with dealers and researching vehicles... I was busy with... well, the usual (crafting, working out, kind of cooking, meetings, etc). 

The reason I'm late on my reflections is because all day on Friday Trav and I were making deals and bought a 2015 Honda Fit-EX:) I loooooooooove it! The best part is that Trav can fit in this car! LOL! It looks small, but he fits! LOVE IT:) 

So you might ask, "You're late due to buying a car?" YUP! I was reading the car manual instead of writing this post Friday night! LOL! 
It reminds me of my very first and MOST FAVORITE car--- 1980 Ford Festiva. LOVED that car! But now I love this:) 
REFLECTION: So this week, I finished the Prayer series by David Platt, Radical. Click HERE and HERE for the other notes from this series. LOVED it! I also started another series and plan to finish one more study this week. Honestly, I was all over (in a random way) this week in devotions...

Here's a bit of what I learned this week:
  • David Platt- Prayer is planned and spontaneous. I never thought of types of prayers, but I kind of do both. 
    • Planned is just daily specific prayers. I have a prayer journal that helps me remember everyone's requests, and there are different sections for family, friends, the World, and more. Hopefully, soon I will share a video of how I've set this up and how I keep track of Praise Reports/etc. 
      • This planned prayer is easy for me, except when it comes to praying for myself. I still have a hard time believing my prayers for myself; however, I'm doing better than last week. I just need to take one faith step at a time. I think I'm really trying to just "hear" God... and sometimes He's silent. I am uncomfortable in silence. It makes me think too much... so technically, I don't really have "silence". This is even true when I'm in a group setting or with Trav's family.... someone should always be talking and having a conversation. When there is a pause.... I get anxious. Maybe it's because I think I'm boring them or that the other party wished I would go since the conversation is "done"... I'm not sure, but silence is something I'm working on. The other thing that happens when I get silent is that I sleep. I've got to work on my energy! 
    • Spontaneous is allowing the Holy Spirit to bring to mind someone or something to pray about. 
      • I think I do this, but I do it in a "real format". Let me explain--- for example, I will pray for people riding bikes on the road as I pass them. I pray for safety, coolness (since it's usually hot outside), and that they would get to their destination quickly without getting rained on/etc. I count this as "spontaneous" because I don't really know these people. 
      • But what I think David Platt was talking about is that I need to be aware of when the Holy Spirit prompts me as I'm praying or when I'm going about my day (or even if I wake up in the middle of the night). I did noticed that I had "spontaneous" thoughts of people more the past week--- i.e. I was reminded of a friend who needs healing (physically) while working on a project. I started to pray for her and her husband and then wrote them an email asking how they were doing. I think that's one way I can be spontaneous in prayer. 
Other than that... I just feel like I'm still sitting in a pit. I have "understood" this trial and that there is a purpose for our hardship, but I'm not completely out of it. That just leaves me sitting in this pit until the light comes. Sitting here makes me think a lot. And the funny thing about thinking about our trial is that I go back and forth between Truth and lies. You would THINK I would remember to dwell on the Truth... the battlefield is in my mind! 

Plus, I think I've come to the conclusion that I'm gripped by fear. Fear of failing. Fear of not doing my studies right. Fear of not hearing God (and I question if I heard Him before)... this fear is coming from me being rocked by this trial in addition to the wonder of what is going to happen now. So just when I think I'm growing from this trial and applying what I've learned... it's almost as if I take two steps back. I can't let this drag me down! I know I've come a long way! I know the Truth--- I will come forth as GOLD (Job 23:10), I shouldn't fear anyone or anything (Psalm 27:1), and God has a plan (Jer. 29:11-13).

Knowing is definitely easier than believing in my heart. I'm in need of handing these fears to God. This is my goal for next week- letting go and really trusting God. I know that I'm going to fall, but at least I will be falling into His hands (which are bigger than the universe)! 

*NOTE: I apologize for the random reflections. I guess random went with my week. 

My goals for this week (I just noticed I have LOTS of goals-- kind of ambitious!):
  1. Hand fears over to God-- let go completely! 
  2. Continue to pray/read my devotions daily.
  3. Start REAP or Inductive study--- small steps but at least start it! 
  4. Create video of studio to share with you:) And possibly create a video of my Prayer Journal/Binder. 
Only about 11 days until Courtney and I leave for our conference! I've got lots to do to prepare! 

I pray that this post has blessed you ❤️. Remember, if you need prayer, please contact me {savannahland2 at comcast dot net}. 

THANKS so much for stopping by today! Be blessed:}

27 September 2014

IMAGINE CRAFTS + Authentique + May Arts Blog Hop

Hello friends:) 

***Giveaway details BELOW! 
AP_MayArts_Badge Welcome to a crafting extravaganza all week featuring myself and other Artists In Residence from IMAGINE Crafts, along with the Design Team Members of Authentique Paper and May Arts Ribbon.  
Olsen and I near my piano with an Authentique sign-- LOVE it! Wish Trav was in the photo with his guitar! 

Today I'm pairing up all three companies and making a SUPER FUN card! 

I LOVE the bold ink design (just from using a scraper and IC inker!!!)! I love the the Authentique Paper and May Arts supplies match PERFECTLY with my IC Lilac Posies ink! Click HERE to check out my video on YouTube or HERE for Vimeo. ***Be sure to change your settings to HD before watching! THANKS:) 
Here are today’s other featured Artists In Residence projects:

Penny Ward

Sylvia Blum

********NOTEThere' more inspiration to be found on the Authentique Paper and May Arts blogs!  Simply visit these blogs to view the projects created by those company's design teams and to view the other prizes available.

Prizes galore for participating in the Blog Hop this week!

All three participating companies in this week's Blog Hop will all be giving away 3 prize packages for leaving comments on the featured blog posts.  Each day will we feature projects created by the artists from IMAGINE Crafts, Authentique Paper and May Arts. Simply visit their blogs and leave a comment on each post by midnight PST September 27th.  We ‘ll randomly select three different blogs from the seven days, then randomly draw one commenter from each blog as the winner.  
Blog Hop Hint – if you click on a link that takes you to a page saying something like, “Sorry this page cannot be found,” just click on the header at the top of the blog (usually a picture, or the blog’s name), and it will take you to that blog’s most recent post. That post *should* be our hop. If not, you can probably scroll down a short way to find the hop post.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Don't forget to leave comments for your chance to WIN

25 September 2014

Virtual Smooches: CAS Masculine card (Try #2)

Hello, friends:}

Today is my day to share a video over on the  Paper Smooches video blog- Virtual Smooches

So did you notice I didn't post last week? Did you miss me? Did you wonder what happened?

THANKS if you answered "yes" to missing me or noticing that I was gone! LOL! 

I actually had an idea and video recorded, but the video was the WORST! So I scrapped that and made another video... but then got busy with life that I didn't post it! I finally had time yesterday to voiceover this video so I could share with you today:) 

I'm doing AWESOME on my challenges: more masculine and CAS cards, as well as using up my stash.

Here's a sneak peek of my video:
THANKS so much for stopping by--- be sure to go HERE for my video! Be blessed:}


22 September 2014

Creative Blog Hop

Hello, friends:)

I'm super excited to be a part of the Creative Blog Hop that has been going around blog-land for several months! My friend, Katie- Stamping Lightly, tagged me last week, and I'm honored that she would ask me to be a part of this hop! Be sure to stop by her hop post HERE.

For this CBH, I will answer 4 questions about my creative process, studio, and more. First, let me share my studio with you! I am a neat/clean freak, but this photo of my room doesn't show it! LOL! 
Let's play a game called, Where's Olsen!? LOL! He's in A LOT of my photos and videos, and he's always in my studio!

And here's a video! Nothing really has changed from when I posted this video last year--- I did change where I placed by stamps, finished cards, and silhouette, and NOW I record with an HD camcorder... but other than that... it's about the same;) ***Be sure to change your settings to HD before watching! THANKS:) **NOTE: sorry about the sound of my voice-- not sure why it's wonky!
1. What are you working on NOW
I think that I've got a little bit of everything on my desk right now... I will say that I've been working on a Virtual Smooches video for the past six days! LOL! I usually post on Thursdays but haven't had the chance to post yet. I'm also working on some special Imagine Crafts projects-- love love love my inks! I am also working on my calendar and trying to get everything scheduled so I don't forget anything when I'm on vacation next month. ANNNNNNNNNND....I'm also pulling out fabrics and sewing stuff to make a special gift for a friend. One of my goals in 2014 is to sew at least once a month. This special gift will be my September project:) The last project I'm working on is time consuming and kind of hard (due to my hoarding tendencies)- I'm going through my stash of crafty goodness and putting it out in the garage for a craft/garage sale. I've already had three or four different groups of women stop by for a sneak peek sale. But it looks like they didn't even make a dent in all of my stuff! LOL! 
I promise--- I really am a neat freak! This is a mess of a desk!

Overall--- I'm working on this and that, and all things crafty:)

2. How does your work differ from others in your genre
When interviewed as the Designer of the Month for the December 2013 CARDS magazine, I said that I think my style is fun/graphic/modern with layers and detail... but now I'm thinking it's a mix of these three with some CAKS (Clean and Kind of Simple). I'm not sure my work is really that much different from others in my group... maybe the difference is that their work is way better than mine! LOL! I'm in awe of so many crafters! I love love love gathering inspiration from different projects and places (i.e. layouts, Project Life pages, gift bags, Pinterest, blogs, etc). Here's two of my creations--- kind of simple, fun, modern, layered, and inspired by Pinterest or a layout: 

3.  Why do you create what you do
I've always been drawn to arts/crafts... but there are a couple of reasons I currently am found in my craft room 90% of the time: 

  • Design Teams- LOL! I've got work that has to be done! 
  • I love to share my creations with others! I am a hardcore cardmaker, and my goal is to bless someone with my creations. I love making others feel loved and cared for. Sometimes friends or family will buy my creations and send them out, and then they report back to me how much the recipient loved their gift. I'm not crafting to be "noticed" (although I will admit that I'm a "words of affirmation" kind of gal.... so comments, being pinned, and being noticed always make me smile).... but my goal is to be a blessing to others. I want to share my talents and brighten someone else's day with a handmade creation. I will also be honest and say that I've actually received some of my OWN cards in the mail--- it makes me cry that someone would buy a card from me and send it back to me! LOL! So I know how it feels to get something so special-- this feeling makes me want to share my cards (and all of my projects) with the WORLD! :) 

4. How does your creative process work
To be honest, I struggle when crafting! I just want to add more and more details or color... and sometimes I have an AWESOME idea that just turns out HORRIBLE! LOL! Here's the process (the best way I can explain it-- and if you watch my videos, you will KNOW what I'm talking about! LOL!): 

  • I usually start out with an idea (that I had after surfing the net while at an appointment or in the car... or when I'm watching TV).
  • Next I sit down to work--- pulling out my supplies/etc.
  • Then I start working on my cardbase and design.... I usually have to scrap at least one or two things before I like what I have.
  • I will clean my work area at this point-- just in case there was a mess on my desk! LOL! 
  • While designing, I am not satisfied with my creations until I've moved something or stamped an extra sentiment at least once during the process! LOL! **NOTE: I've ruined several creations during this step! 
  • Again, time to clean the desk. 
  • My card is almost completed, and now I sit back and look at it. Does it have a flow to it? Do I need to add or take away? Should I round a corner or add splatters?
  • Now at this point, I'm usually frustrated, but I continue and mess with my ribbon/bow.
  • Finally, I say, "Enough is ENOUGH!" and that's when my card is done! ***NOTE: Or I ask Trav if there is anything else I can do/add/etc.... and his response is always, "It's fine. You are finished." :) 

And that's it--- I hope that you have enjoyed learning more about me:) I've had so much fun sharing some of my favorite projects/video of my studio/etc. and talking about crafting with you!!! THANKS so much for asking me to join in the fun, Katie!

THANKS so much for stopping by! Be blessed:) 

ps...I know I'm supposed to share three more designers and their blogs to continue this blog hop! I will announce these friends SOON! :) 

21 September 2014

Paper Smooches SPARKS Anything Goes (wk3) challenge

Hello, friends:}
Today we start another weekly challenge over at Paper Smooches SPARKS blog!! Another Anything Goes challenge starts today!   
That's right--you get to create ANYTHING you want (as long as you use Paper Smooches stamps)!! This is the BEST challenge ever!!! 

I created a super simple card... techniques include: using embossing paste, fussy cutting, and stamping. EASY and it's perfect for Trav's Gran (he agrees and thinks she will love it!).

I used the PS Reflections and Bosom Buddy stamp sets along with some sequins by Pretty Pink Posh and Kelly Purkey. The washi tape and cardstock are random-- I seriously don't know where I got them! LOL! 

That's it for me today--but be sure to stop by the other Paper Smooches SPARKS DT members' blogs, get inspired, and leave them some love

And don't forget to stop by the Paper Smooches SPARKS blog for more details!!!! This challenge ends September 27th. I cannot wait to see what you make!!! 

THANKS so much for stopping by! Be blessed:}

20 September 2014

deep{er} #8: reflections

Hello, friends:)

**Click HERE for the Imagine Crafts & Magenta GIVEAWAY blog hop! 

Well... last week was a disaster spiritually. I really let the devil take me down paths of uncertainty and fear. 

This week... wasn't much better, but I'm standing stronger on Truths. I know that I'm being attacked, and at times I fall into fear and believing the lies, but I keep looking forward and towards God. He's the only one that can help me get through this. And He's the only one I want to look to anyway! 

UPDATE: So my schedule was crazy busy this last week! I've been getting ready for a crafty/garage sale, and I had several friends stop by to get some of my stuff. And all of this working out.... oy! It takes like 3 hours out of my day to get to the gym, change (I have to put on knee braces/etc), workout, change again, and come home! That's three hours I could be listening to Moody Radio! Or crafting:) 

One fun thing that Trav and I did this past week was attend a Buccaneers game. I didn't know that that was an NFL team... I don't really like football! I never really got into any sport! LOL! But we went and had an AWESOME time! I asked questions the entire game (because I didn't understand what was going on)! And while watching a video of the players asking the audience to "get louder", I got an idea. I've heard that we should scream and shout for God more than we do at a sports game (or the TV if you are at home). I told Trav that I should ask for those videos and play them at church so we can ask the congregation to "get louder" for Jesus! LOL! LOOOOOOOVE it:) 

**photo to the left- BEFORE the rain, photo below- AFTER the rain

REFLECTION: I'm continuing the Prayer series by David Platt, Radical. I've got so many more series to listen to! Can't wait to share what I've learned and how I'm going to apply it to my life!! Click HERE if you want to read the previous info from this series. 
  • PRAY: Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield- This is very basic and so simple. And what's funny is that I do this... kind of! Repenting isn't my fav... esp out loud with Trav or others, but it's soooooo important. It helps me get clean and acknowledge my need for Jesus. I'm finding that what I do for prayer is exactly how I should do it. And I was sooooo afraid that I was doing it wrong! LOL!  
  • The only thing I need to actually work on is believing prayer for myself. I believe it for others, and I can pray for others at any time. But I'm struggling to speak to God about my problems and what I want. I think it's because I just feel like I'm in a fog that I don't even know what I want, where to be, what to do. I blame the trial I'm in... hopefully I will get past this, and SOON! So the question I keep asking is, "When I pray, does God hear and will He answer?" I need to pray with more confidence! He DOES hear me! He WILL answer! And if he doesn't answer now.... I need to trust Him because He knows what's best for me. **NOTE: I know God hears me. I don't really question that, it's just that I do in a way. If that makes sense??
  • The other thing I need to do is pray consistently. I pray daily and usually for some of the same requests... but I need to believe Matt. 7:7-8. It doesn't say to just ask/seek/knock once... I need to CONTINUE to ask/seek/knock. I think this will be good for Trav and I as we search for the next step. 
  • The goal for prayer is to get intimate with God, to see Him, see ourselves and need for a Savior, repent and get cleansed, communicate and commune with God, and then yield to His direction/guidance in our day/life. REMEMBER THIS, Sav! NOTE TO SELF!!!!!!!!
I'm excited to see my prayer time transform my life. And I'm even more excited that I was doing it right (or 75% right)!!!!!!!! LOL:)  

My goals for this week (same as last week):
  1. Continue to take notes from the Prayer sermons/podcasts/etc.
  2. Continue to pray/read my devotions daily.
  3. DO NOT let the devil win! DO NOT listen to lies from the devil but fight back with Truth!

BEFORE I GO----------- you might not have checked out this giveaway on my blog from Lies Young Women Believe HERE or HERE. LYWB was giving away tickets to the True Women '14 conference in Indianapolis. 

I never think I will win when I enter giveaways... but I DID! I won 2 tickets and a worship CD! I am taking my best friend, Courtney! I cannot wait to report back to you about this conference! ***I hope that you can attend as well--- if you are in the area!
Thanks so much for this great opportunity, Erin and team! 
I pray that this post has blessed you ❤️. Remember, if you need prayer, please contact me {savannahland2 at comcast dot net}. 

THANKS so much for stopping by today! Be blessed:}

ps... I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Lyn, Wendy, Miriam, and Toni for their super sweet an encouraging comments last week! I apologize for not coming around to your blog or responding to you with an email... I did read each of the comments and was lifted up! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for praying for me, as well! I know that God is working in my life and I see answers (or some direction from God) to many requests! Praise the Lord:) THANK YOU❤️