08 June 2021

first try rejects and the final project after try #2

Hello, friends! 

I have soooooooooooo many projects to share... and I've come up with a quick way to share them all within a few posts. You might be seeing lots of different designs (and not a lot of details) per post to make it easier on me! LOL! 

Today I'm sharing a project that I created in April for a sweet and dear friend, Kim! I love celebrating her birthday and this year she turned 50. That meant I needed to make a super special birthday card. 
I had a few ideas that included watercoloring a piece of paper one solid color. I tried this with a teal and navy (you can see them in the watercolor bin). I thought that I could then add colors to the areas where the flowers would be... but that didn't work out at all! #totalfail I set those two papers aside and started again focusing on watercoloring after I die cut the paper with the design first. I posted about it HERE on Instagram. 
HERE's stage two. It's looking much better than my first attempt! 
I finished this card and absolutely loved the design! Best fail ever! I think Kim enjoyed it too. My mom loved it so much that she requested I make another one just like it. *It was hard to replicate but I did it for my mom! LOL! 
Supplies: The Stamp Market watercolor palette, Just Add Flowers stamp set, Floral Cuts cover die

So what did I do with the first try rejects? Well... I used them for another project two weeks later! It took me that long to figure out what I wanted to do with them. The papers were watercolored teal and navy with different hues and markings. I wanted that to stand out and so I used them on a CAS white card base with a few die cuts and sentiments. EASY! And to be honest, I love how they turned out! Rejects aren't really rejects unless you throw it away. #lifelesson 

This "Thank You" card was created for a sweet couple that became family to me during Covid. They took private aqua fitness classes from me to stay active before they moved back home to WI. I knew the husband loved flowers (his wife's name is Rose! LOL!), so I made a simple white embossed flower bouquet the focal point of this card design. 
Supplies: The Stamp Market watercolor palette, Framed Floral, Gorgeous Greetings, Emboss ink

The navy rejected paper was big enough to make two cards! I love the bold navy with the white background.
Supplies: The Stamp Market watercolor palette, Botanical Print, Botanical Beauty die, Palm Leaf die, Navy/Slate paper and ink

I never throw anything away, and it's a good thing! These cards are some of my favorite! And I learned that rejections are not always bad; good can still come from it. 

That's it for me today. I will be sharing more soon! THANKS so much for stopping by!    

Be blessed ❤️