31 March 2021

It's a happy day (when I get to play with alcohol inksπŸ™ƒ

Oh happy day, friends! 
THANKS for stopping by today! 

I created this card awhile back but haven't shared it yet. I'm hoping I get to have some crafty time in the studio soon! #SAVfact: I've been working on my AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional license and I've only got one and half chapters left!!! But with that means and large test, getting certified in CPR, figuring out insurance as a personal trainer and working in our community, etc. It's been taking all my time. PLUS-- my left foot is still not feeling great. HOWEVER-- my right shoulder is MUCH better! Praise the Lord!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Anyway... enough about me (I don't want to waste your time!)! Here's today's card. Simple combo of some of my favorite items: alcohol inks, Etc. Papers Synthetic EVO PapersThe Stamp Market Oh Happy Day stamp and die set  and gold paper/embossing powder/ink. DONE! 
THANKS so much for stopping by! I hope you have a happy day! THANKS for always lifting me up and encouraging me- your friendship and love mean so much to me❤️

Be blessed ❤️

Paper: Etc. Papers Synthetic EVO Papers, white and gold cardstock
Inks: Ranger alcohol inks: Citrus, Limeade, Dandelion, Coral, Wild Plum, Purple Twighlight

ps... if you are interested in purchasing this card, you can check it out on my Facebook PageSavannahland2ForSale!!! Click HERE for the photo album of the cards for sale:) 

26 March 2021

🌈 MORE Rainbows 🌈

Hello and welcome back, sweet friends ❤️
I've been MIA (again)... well, because I can't catch a "break". I did catch a break but not in the way I wanted. I was placed in a foot boot (again) about two weeks ago. I stepped down on my left foot about a month ago and had the most intense pain. I knew that feeling from when I tore the 4-5 tendons in that same foot. I knew something was wrong but I didn't do anything about it for 30 days. #stubborn I'm supposed to be in a boot until April 8th. 

And just the other day I pulled the sheets on the bed to make it and pulled/strained/tore a muscle in my front right shoulder muscle. Oh man does it hurt to lift my arm! 

See why I say I can't catch a "break"!!?!?! I was doing so well with starting to workout daily, walking more, eating right, and getting back on track after a year of depression... well, now I'm on the couch most days. πŸ€¦πŸΌ‍♀️

But enough about me! I want to share some happy rainbow cards I made a month ago. These are some of my favorite! I loooooooooooove this Etc. Papers Synthetic EVO Papers!!! It's so smooth and takes the inks perfectly! 

I created another rainbow using the The Stamp Market Rainbow of Happiness dies. It created a negative and positive image, which means that I *HAD* to use both! #idon'tthrowanythingaway πŸ™ƒ Both cards were simple to make- create rainbow inked design using Etc. Papers Synthetic EVO Papers, die cut rainbows, place pieces on card base, stamp sentiment, think about it.... die cut small hearts from scraps (again #idon'tthrowanythingaway! LOL!) and finish card. SOOOOO easy! 
The second card is definitely my favorite of the two:) I love the hidden sentiment. I also love the difference of the rainbow paper- it's the SAME piece for both but it looks so different! 
That's it for me today. I do have several more cards to share--- I'm in a rainbow mood and am making over 50 birthday cards that are multiple shades of each color (making a rainbow)! It's taking me forever to finish them! LOL! I want them simple but simple cards and I do not get along; thus, why it's taking so long. πŸ˜‚
I also have this set of alcohol inked backgrounds to use for creations... GOODNESS! I need to find time to get into the studio this weekend:) 
Thanks so much for stopping by! And thank you for leaving me some love on my posts!!! You make my day! THANK YOU

Be blessed ❤️

Paper: Etc. Papers Synthetic EVO Papers), gold metallic, white cardstock
Inks: Ranger Alcohol Ink; T Black ink
Stamps/dies: The Stamp Market Rainbow of Happiness dies, Rainbow Greetings; Paper Smooches Tiny Hearts (retired)

ps... if you are interested in purchasing this card, you can check it out on my Facebook Page: Savannahland2ForSale!!! Click HERE for the photo album of the cards for sale:)  

11 March 2021

Alcohol Inks... MORE:)

Hello, friends! 

Sorry I haven't been posting my creations as I said I would. It has been a bit busy, and as of today I'm back in a boot for my left foot (it seems that I am in it at least once a year). I will be in this boot for at least a month, which will slow down my schedule and maybe I will have more time to get in the studio! 

I promised MORE alcohol ink creations. 
I've got 5 to share, but today I will only share two. One that I made and one from TRAVIS!!!!!!!!!! His card was the inspiration for my card πŸ™ƒ

I am still loooooooooooving the Etc. Papers Synthetic EVO Papers. I cannot tell you how beautiful these papers are!! They make the alcohol ink blend and move about perfectly; they are smooth and a good weight; I just love these Synthetic EVO Papers! And the best part was that these Synthetic EVO Papers make it easy for a "newbie" to play around and create a simple card! 
A few weeks ago, Trav wanted to create a card for his best friend, Chester (NOTE: his wife, Jess, is my best friend❤️). Chester and Trav would golf often so a golf theme with the Paper Smooches My Guy stamp set was perfect.. Trav's card is very simple- a few drops of Ranger Limeade alcohol ink on the Etc. Papers Synthetic EVO Papers, finished with a stamped image and DONE! **Sorry I don't have a better photo- we finished working on this card late and Trav gave it to Chester before I could get a good photo the next day! LOL!  **NOTE: I am still working on my card for Jess! πŸ€¦πŸΌ‍♀️

Fast forward to this week-- it was Trav's 41st birthday πŸŽ‰ I used the same stamp set and inks to create a similar design of a golf course. I did add a few alphas to make the sentiment "Bugle Mini Golf" in reference to a golf trophy that Trav and Chester battled for each time they played golf together + a golf thing Trav and I talk about all the time (Bugle Golf). These alphas were die cut from The Stamp Market Little Letter Board dies. They were the perfect size for this card! 
That's it for me today. A simple card and an inspired card. All created using my new favorite papers, inks, and stamps/dies! 

THANKS so much for stopping by! Another alcohol ink creation will be shared this weekend! Can't wait!    

Be blessed ❤️

Paper: Etc. Papers Synthetic EVO Papers, vellum and gold cardstock
Inks: Ranger alcohol inks
Stamps/dies: The Stamp Market Little Letter Board diesPaper Smooches My Guy stamps and dies

ps... if you are interested in purchasing my cards, you can check them out on my Facebook PageSavannahland2ForSale!!! Click HERE for the photo album of the cards for sale:) 

03 March 2021

Goals: Reading Monthly- February's books and reviews

OH friends!!! I've got sooooooooooo many cards to share with you!! I've been busy in the studio! But first, I want to get my February book goal and review posted (so I don't get too far behind!) πŸ™ƒ

Today I want to share some of my goal updates so that you can help me stay accountable! I mentioned in THIS post that I create lots of goals each year- goals with subgoals and rewards when I complete them! One of my goals in 2021 is to read at least one book* monthly (*Christian books/studies)

February 2021: Trav has been reading with me each night before bed- he reads different books or sometimes the same. He finished two books in January and suggested that I read them too. I didn't have a list of books that I wanted to start reading so I took Trav's suggestions and started reading them.
Trav read this book in January. This book has 10 different ideas or steps to take to strengthen your marriage. Nothing I didn't already know but it's always good to have reminders! It helped me to remember that I shouldn't take my marriage for granted and that I need to work even harder at being a better wife. 
Review: It's a quick and easy read with great reminders to put your marriage/spouse first. 

Book 2: "Minimalism"
Trav's been listening to their podcasts and read their book in January. I wasn't so sure about the theme because I like to collect and create and change my decorations/etc! LOL! I understand the idea of less is better for focus, stress, and just in general. I was afraid Trav was going to make me get rid of everything πŸ˜‚ That's not what happened! LOL! This book is a good read- not biblical but has good points of getting past the material/worldly things and making room in our life for the important things: health, relationships, passion, growth, contribution. 
Review: I wish this book was more biblical and pointed to Christ, but it was an easy and quick read that makes you think about the treasure(s) of your heart. 

Book 3: "Prevailing Prayer" by D.L. Moody
I have struggled to get back into prayer lately. It definitely has to do with the situation last year leading to our departure from our church and leadership roles. I wanted a book that would encourage me to get back into communion with God, praying powerful prayers without hinderances of any kind. One thing I was challenged by was the act of "restitution"- giving back what I took or if I owed others anything to make it right before the Lord. Randomly after reading this chapter, I found a few items that belonged to the church (obviously it was God that showed me at the right time) and returned them to the church. Again, this book was a good reminder for me since it didn't really present any new info about prayer that I didn't already know; it was just what I needed to remember the reason for prayer and how prayer is powerful.
Review: This book was harder to read due to the language (written in old English) but it was a good book to spark the fire needed in my heart. It also includes great quotes from other christian leaders. I liked this book a lot:) 

Enough about books... I'll share more of my goals and book reviews soon! 

Back to my normal content---- I have MORE creations to share with you this week! I cannot wait to show you what I've been doing with my alcohol inks- and I even played with solid cardstock with tone-on-tone sentiment stamping!! I believe in one setting I made 49 cards, which I never do mass production cards. LOL! I might have to rethink this technique because it was awesome to have that many cards completed at onceπŸ™ƒ MORE to come- stay tuned. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! THANKS for your friendship, love, support, and encouragement. 
Be blessed ❤️