03 March 2021

Goals: Reading Monthly- February's books and reviews

OH friends!!! I've got sooooooooooo many cards to share with you!! I've been busy in the studio! But first, I want to get my February book goal and review posted (so I don't get too far behind!) 🙃

Today I want to share some of my goal updates so that you can help me stay accountable! I mentioned in THIS post that I create lots of goals each year- goals with subgoals and rewards when I complete them! One of my goals in 2021 is to read at least one book* monthly (*Christian books/studies)

February 2021: Trav has been reading with me each night before bed- he reads different books or sometimes the same. He finished two books in January and suggested that I read them too. I didn't have a list of books that I wanted to start reading so I took Trav's suggestions and started reading them.
Trav read this book in January. This book has 10 different ideas or steps to take to strengthen your marriage. Nothing I didn't already know but it's always good to have reminders! It helped me to remember that I shouldn't take my marriage for granted and that I need to work even harder at being a better wife. 
Review: It's a quick and easy read with great reminders to put your marriage/spouse first. 

Book 2: "Minimalism"
Trav's been listening to their podcasts and read their book in January. I wasn't so sure about the theme because I like to collect and create and change my decorations/etc! LOL! I understand the idea of less is better for focus, stress, and just in general. I was afraid Trav was going to make me get rid of everything 😂 That's not what happened! LOL! This book is a good read- not biblical but has good points of getting past the material/worldly things and making room in our life for the important things: health, relationships, passion, growth, contribution. 
Review: I wish this book was more biblical and pointed to Christ, but it was an easy and quick read that makes you think about the treasure(s) of your heart. 

Book 3: "Prevailing Prayer" by D.L. Moody
I have struggled to get back into prayer lately. It definitely has to do with the situation last year leading to our departure from our church and leadership roles. I wanted a book that would encourage me to get back into communion with God, praying powerful prayers without hinderances of any kind. One thing I was challenged by was the act of "restitution"- giving back what I took or if I owed others anything to make it right before the Lord. Randomly after reading this chapter, I found a few items that belonged to the church (obviously it was God that showed me at the right time) and returned them to the church. Again, this book was a good reminder for me since it didn't really present any new info about prayer that I didn't already know; it was just what I needed to remember the reason for prayer and how prayer is powerful.
Review: This book was harder to read due to the language (written in old English) but it was a good book to spark the fire needed in my heart. It also includes great quotes from other christian leaders. I liked this book a lot:) 

Enough about books... I'll share more of my goals and book reviews soon! 

Back to my normal content---- I have MORE creations to share with you this week! I cannot wait to show you what I've been doing with my alcohol inks- and I even played with solid cardstock with tone-on-tone sentiment stamping!! I believe in one setting I made 49 cards, which I never do mass production cards. LOL! I might have to rethink this technique because it was awesome to have that many cards completed at once🙃 MORE to come- stay tuned. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! THANKS for your friendship, love, support, and encouragement. 
Be blessed ❤️

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