16 February 2021

Goals: Reading Monthly- January's book and thoughts

OH friends!!! It's so nice to be back and sharing my life with you ❤️

Today I want to share some of my goal updates so that you can help me stay accountable! I mentioned in THIS post that I create lots of goals each year- goals with subgoals and rewards when I complete them! One of my goals in 2021 is to read at least one book* monthly (*Christian books/studies)

SAVfact: I didn't really learn how to read until the 6th grade. I tend to not have the right words at times because my vocabulary is low, and I am awful at spelling. I wish I had learned how to read (reading for knowledge) or that I would have built up my reading skills sooner. It's really hard to do this at this age! I pray that my efforts to read a book a month will grow my skills, vocabulary, and even my spelling 😊

January 2021: I know I'm a bit behind in updating you on my goals and achievements... hopefully I will be more on track starting now! LOL! I picked a book for January that I had been wanting to read for awhile. I didn't realize how BIG of a book it was until I picked it up at a sale! I wasn't sure I would finish it but I did 😂 LOL! 

I was blown away by the research and questions asked in the book, "The Case for Christ" by Lee Strobel. I am a Christ follower, and I don't question who Christ is or what he's done for me or the world. I believe because the Bible says so. I guess that's how I read it so quickly (finished it with two days to spare in January)- I was intrigued with the questions and evidence given by each interviewee. 
I guess since I don't have higher reading skills... I don't really question my faith. As I read each chapter, I was taken by the questions, and it really opened my eyes. 

I have thought about many of the topics/chapters: rising from the dead, performing miracles, fulfilling prophecy, and dying on the cross. But I don't go into depth when thinking about these things; I just believed what the Bible says. Now my eyes are open to even more evidence of Christ! And I have to say that one chapter broke my heart because of the graphic details and evidence of Christ dying on the cross. I don't like to think about it because of the pain, my sin that caused him to be on the cross, etc. Chapter 11 blows my mind of how Christ could have carried the cross AFTER being beaten and punished... and then how he endured being nailed to the cross with gravity and how he even had breath or strength to muster out the words, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." HOW!??! Jesus was the Messiah. And even though it was excruciating, painful, and all because of sin, Christ still endured it all for ME! This chapter makes Christ's death that much more real. It also makes the payment of my sin more understandable- I know what Christ had to go through but I never knew the details of the cross. The details in that chapter will forever be etched in my mind (kind of like the images from The Passion of the Christ movie). 

I also picked this book because I heard that our town (the BIG town next to my hometown) was mentioned somewhere in this book. I enjoyed finding the story about a case tried in Winamac, IN on the first page and in the first paragraph of chapter 3. I had never heard of the Ford case before. Interesting. I also find it funny that he called Winamac TINY--- it's big to me! LOL! 
Overall thoughts: I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to share it with someone who questions faith, Christ, or events in the Bible. I highly recommend you check out this book!!! 

Another reading goal I have is to read a book each month with Trav. Each year we get an Advent devotional from Revive Our Hearts, as we are supporters of this ministry. I absolutely LOVE Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth ❤️ And EACH year for the last three years it has taken us about 2 months to finish the little devotional. 🤦🏼‍♀️ The good news is that we finish the book!
Overall thoughts: If you can get your hands on these books, DO!!!! It doesn't even have to be Advent to read through it. I highly recommend anything written and published by Nancy!!! 

That's it for me today- you might not have expected me to write so much about books, and I didn't either! I thought this would be a quick post. Hopefully in the future that will hold to be true! LOL! 

I have MORE creations to share with you this week! I cannot wait to show you what I've been doing with my alcohol inks!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by! THANKS for your friendship, love, support, and encouragement. 
Be blessed ❤️

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