06 September 2014

deep{er} #6: reflections

Hello, friends:)
Before I begin--- I want to share with you one of my FAV blogs: Lies Young Women Believe. If you head over there NOW, you can enter to win some tickets to the True Woman 2014 conference! I would love to win--- first because it's near my hometown (about 3 hours) which means I could visit with my family, and because I love to go to conferences that help me learn more about my God and myself. LOVE it! 

I cannot THANK YOU enough for reading my "reflection" posts! I'm so thankful that you stop by to reflect with me! 

Also---- THANK YOU for leaving comments and encouraging me! I read all of your comments and plan to visit each of your blogs or respond if you don't have a blog:) THANK YOU for lifting me up! 

UPDATESo we had an eventful week with lots of visitors and projects... that's why my studies this week were a bit short. ***Pictures below. I didn't have time since I was cleaning and cooking! LOL! And let me tell you that both of these activities are on my "Least Favorite" list! The good news is that my dinners were awesome (confirmed by Trav and Poppie)! I guess I'm learning and progressing:) As for cleaning, I think I'm going to continue to ask Trav if I can hire someone to clean our house! I'll keep you posted!
Poppie came down to our house and helped put in a bird feeder with a baffle so that the squirrels won't get the seed. 
Now we can see the both the bird and hummingbird feeders outside our Study Room window! 
I love this picture of Poppie in the Study Room! He must have been looking out the window at the new bird feeder:) 

REFLECTION: I already mentioned that this past week was a bit busy for me. I did start my Prayer studies... and I have learned LOTS just in the few sermons that I've listened to by David Platt, Radical. I have other sermons about prayer that were featured on Today in the Word and some by Dr. Tony Evans. I hope to get into all of these sermons/studies this week! 

These reflections are from the David Platt sermon series REAP: Genesis and  For The Love of God.
  • REAP: Genesis- This was AWESOME! I've been wanting to go deeper... this is one way, and it is all about how to read and study the Bible. I have to be honest that for 33 years, I haven't been taught how to really study the Bible. I grew up going to church regularly; however, to read the Bible was unheard of! It was almost as if touching and reading the Bible was forbidden. After I accepted Jesus into my life, I knew that I needed to read the Bible-- get into it, hunger for it, share it! But I have a fear of the content- it's just too much for me [**SIDE NOTE: I learned how to "read" at a very late age.... reading isn't something I do well... I go extremely slow and really have to think about what I'm reading to understand it!] There is so much in the Bible! And several names that I can't pronounce (I used to pronounce Job as the word job, a place of work! How embarrassing!). I've been reading more the last five years--- I do more Bible studies and devotions... but I want to get really into the Word. Dig deep! 
    • REAP stands for Read the scripture, Examine (including observation and interpretation), Application of Word into my life, and Pray/Praise. 
    • The goal of reading the Bible isn't for more Bible information (which is what I always thought it was about).... it's having a total transformation of my heart, mind, and life! 
    • My reflection about this type of Bible study--- I can't wait! It seems like a lot... and the question is now, Where do I start?!?!? Which book or verses should I read!??! I also think I want to use some of the Inductive Study method as well.  
  • For The Love of God- this is another sermon with an acrostic. This is all about prayer!!!!!!!!!!! I am loving what I'm hearing. Honestly, prayer was miscommunicated and not practiced correctly in my home growing up. My parents did what they thought was best and what was taught to them- repeating the same 3 prayers every night. Prayer is soooooooo much more--- it's a personal conversation with God! And then think about it.... we are talking with GOD! The Creator! He's so big! He's everything! And I get to talk to Him!?!! WOW! 
    • I should probably explain that I've always struggled with prayer. I mentioned that growing up we did the same 3 prayers every night (and even our dinner prayer was done so quickly by my brothers and I that we mumbled it several times just to get it done as fast as we could!). When I first prayed out loud as a new Christian, I was laughed at. There was only one other person with me, but this person laughed at my prayer and criticized me saying I didn't pray correctly. It crushed me. I never prayed aloud again until I met Travis. And even praying in front of him was nerve-wracking and caused lots of arguments. 
    • This recent trial has also caused an issue with my prayers. I felt very distant from God (at the beginning, and even as I am healing... I still am shy and don't want to put myself "out there" just in case I get hurt again. Also.... I feel like I can't approach God. I know I can [Hebrews 4:16] but it just seems like I can't say anything right, my heart isn't right, I need to forgive those who've hurt me and I can't (or am working on it), and I think I can't approach him. I guess this is a LONG story.). 
    • I'm excited about this new revelation on prayer. I've been through 2 of the letters for this acrostic. 
      • Praise- I should start my prayers with praise. God is _____________. Jesus is _________________. I can find these in scriptures or think of things that I know are true. I need to take time to pause and think about who I'm talking to.
      • Repent- I need to confess my sins to God and acknowledge my need for Jesus. (THUD!) Confession hasn't been my favorite practice! I will confess when I'm mean and when I do things that I know are wrong. But to sit and confess daily... that's not something I practice... YET! This is humbling, and I need to be doing this daily.
  • Review from Praise/Repent: #1 my prayer time needs to be unhurried time with God so that He will direct/lead/guide me #2 confess regularly- this will lead to rest [Matt 11:28]. 
Sounds simple! I am excited to see what the rest of the acrostic stands for and how it will take my prayer to a deep{er} level!!! 
My goals for this week:
  1. Continue Prayer studies
  2. Continue to pray- starting with Praise and Repentance
  3. Continue to read my devotions daily, as well as begin my personal Bible study (book from the Bible is TBA! Maybe Esther (it's my fav) or John or Acts)
I pray that this post has blessed you ❤️. THANKS so much for stopping by today! Be blessed:}

ps... please know that I'm praying for you!!! If you ever need prayer or if you are going through a similar situation, please leave a comment or email me {savannahland2 at comcast dot net}! I want to lift you up!!! 


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving that photo of Poppie!!!

Judy said...

Sav there are a lot of bible study helps out there? The best one for computer or IPad is called E-Sword. You can google it and it is very low cost. I think only about $20. It's always being added to. There are even bible reading plans so that you can read through the bible in a year. I am current in Ezekial my 250th day. You read 2-5 chapters a day. The are also some free study guides, reference books, Concordenance, dictionaries. It's really an awesome tool. I just knew you were a Christian! So your my sister! My husband is a pastor in Gainesville, Fl. Keep up with your studies. That's an awesome acrostic. Will have to write it down. My email is hrtmnn534@ aol.com.

Pat Schaefer said...

It upsets me that anyone criticizes anyone prayers. Prayer is a conversation with God, and there are no real rules about that. I have often found that the most halting, shortest prayers seem to be the very heartfelt,and conversely, the long flowing prayers are sometimes said more to impress someone else than to talk to Him. I think it is impossible to critique someones prayers as we can not know what is in their hearts. It is what is in our hearts, not how it sounds that counts.
I have several books on inductive Bible Study, if and when you are
interested in them.

Sav & Trav said...

Not too shabby with your photos when I was missing!