02 September 2014

Whisker Graphics: Divine Twine Fringe Necklace

Hello, friends:}

Today I'm sharing my Whisker Graphics creation that is featured on the WG blog-- you can also read about this creation over on the WG blog HERE.

I was thinking about making a homemade necklace for awhile... and then I saw a dress on Project Runway that was completely fringe! This inspired me to make a fringe-like necklace using some of my WG Divine Twine! I used a gold chain with some WG Solid Coral Divine Twine--- beautiful combination! 
This is a super simple project! 
  1. Gather your supplies- jewelry pieces, divine twine, and scissors.
  2. Cut several strands of divine twine about 8 inches long (for thicker fringe- cut double the amount of strands).
  3. Find the center of your necklace and start adding your divine twine.
    • Take divine twine strand and fold in half
    • Loop around the chain
    • Pull ends through loop ***This type of tying is called Lark's Head or Topsy Tail.
  4. Add a stitched line near top of loops for decoration (optional).
  5. Trim "fringe" into shape or design.
I think this is the PERFECT project for a young girl or for women who want to make a fashion statement! 
That's it for me today! And be sure to stop by the WG blog for more inspiration. Also-- did you know about Whisker Graphics's new products??? Like bitty bags with GOLD designs! ACK! LOOOOOOVE! Check it out HERE

THANKS so much for stopping by! Be blessed:}



Lisa Lara said...

Totally cool Sav. Wow. What a great idea.

~amy~ said...

super FUN!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow wow wowwwwwwwww! This is amazing! I loveeeeeeeee it!!!!!!

Samantha Mann said...

Oh wow!!! Talk about beautiful!!! What an awesome idea! And it's stunning! So so so cool!! I never would have thought I make a necklace / so glad YOU did! It's lovely!!

Miriam Prantner said...

So pretty! And so on trend!

Lisa said...

Holy smokes Sav this is awesome!!

Helen F. said...

Very cool ideas! TFS Savannah :-)