07 September 2017

Sonshine Stamp Co: Hurricane Irma and a bit of encouragement

Hello, friends:)

Today is my day to post and share on the Sonshine Stamp Co. blog HERE
I'm sharing bit of a different post because 

  1. my studio is STILL in boxes (looooooooooong story)
  2. our house has recently had hurricane shutters installed as we wait the arrival of Hurricane Irma (and Jose and Katia)
I wanted to take this time to share on the SSC blog my story of living through a Category 4 hurricane in 2004 and how to get through tough times {the storms of life}. Storms are not easy... but if we redirect our focus back on God, then we have nothing to worry about! He is in control! He is sovereign! He's with us! 

Thanks so much for stopping by! And THANKS for praying for us! Be blessed!