09 April 2023

2022: Catching up in 2023 [card #whoknows 😆]

Hello, sweet friends! It's been a LONG time❤️

Some of you might know from my IG and FB posts that 2022 ended with my Granny passing... I went to her funeral... broke my wrist on Feb. 1, which started a long recovery including a reset at the ER, several casts, only to have the bones collapse three weeks later causing me to have surgery on Feb. 21...Trav's Gran passed on Feb. 17... and I've been on the couch for 66 days trying to recover. All of my aqua fitness classes, crafting, and life really STOPPED the first day of February. 

It's a long story... but here we are, 66 days later, and I'm trying to use my left hand to type (super hard since my wrist doesn't move or allow for typing). *sigh* I'm doing my best though. 

Enough of "Debbie Downer"... let me post a few creations that I made prior to the end of 2022 and my injury in 2023. *Because of my difficulty typing, I won't really share much with this post. Hopefully in the future I will be able to write more. 

Card #1: My anniversary card to Trav in November 2022. The sweet potato is a joke... I'll share one day about it. LOL
Card #2: A Christmas card using a foil plate as a letterpress. Not a great result (first time), but I liked it enough to make a card:) I also used some retired Paper Smooches goodies- I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE PS!!!
Cards #3-5: Sympathy Cards using the YourPaperInsider box #2. This company sends out a paper subscription box quarterly with the most amazing papers!! It's an assortment of papers from around the world, with different textures/colors/etc. It's so fun to figure out ways to use these papers. 

Unfortunately, I needed four sympathy cards immediately after unboxing. The good news is that these papers made each card EXTRA special. 

Click HERE to check out their subscription boxes---sign up today so you don't miss out on the next shipment❤️
Card #6: Another YourPaperInsider creation...I tried to watercolor a stamped image on the most beautiful blush pink paper from box2. I don't know if you can see it... but I like how it turned out:) 
Card #7: One of my favorites! **LOVE+LONG story** I made this the day before I was injured. I had other plans for it (sell it/etc)... but Trav saw it and said, "I love this!" That changed the plans... and then my injury helped change them too. You see... I have been trying to give Trav a note or card every day during Marriage Week [Feb. 7-14]. This year that didn't happen due to my injury... but I had this ONE card. And since he loved it so much, I decided to give it to him for Valentine's Day. PLUS--- he deserved a beautiful card since at that time he had been taking care of me 24/7 and working, cooking, cleaning, etc. I wanted to give him something extra special this year to celebrate our love. He has truly shown me how to love like Christ loves and has sacrificed so much to help me get better. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 

So long story short... Card #7 is my Valentine's Day card to Trav. 
That's it for me today...but I have at least 25 more cards to share from 2022!!! And tomorrow I will be sharing some creations made with a new release from Spellbinders!! 

THANKS so much for stopping by!    

Be blessed ❤️

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