31 December 2009

a card...thanks...and the last day of 2009

Hello, friends:}

Well...it’s the last day of 2009....and I have so much to be thankful for! This year has brought on some good memories and some difficult decisions. I can’t believe 365 days have gone by already!

I would like to start my post with a card...and then some THANK YOUs!

This year Trav told me to do something that I wasn’t sure I wanted to do...this happens LOTS:} He told me to number all the cards that I create. Normally I stamp my trademark and website/email and then would just put the month and year...now I put “2009.342” or whatever. I am thankful that I listened to Trav because this year I created 479 cards! I also made about 50 wedding invites, some baby shower invites, etc...that I didn’t number. So I was a busy girl! I did mess up though...

Here is a pic of a card that I sent my sister-in-law (she took the pic...because I can't believe I sent it like this!). She is getting married in Nov. 2010--so to celebrate her wedding I am sending a card every month on the day that she will be married (this is something that I do for friends/family). Well...this card, I forgot to fill in my trademark and the number of the card! YIKES! I guess I was so busy....that it slipped my mind!! It was #479. My goal for next year::: 500 or more!

As the year ends...I think back on what I’ve done...where I’ve been...where I want to go...and I have to say that I am always thankful for everything--but I never seem to say it enough. I would like to say a couple of THANK YOUs (or what I am thankful for) as I reflect back on this year.

First of all, I have to say that I am thankful that GOD is my Lord and that Jesus is my Savior! I am so thankful that He and He alone gets me through my days! I am so blessed to have a Lord this forgiving and loving! Thank you, JESUS:}

Second of all...I am thankful for TRAV. I had to make a very hard decision this year around August. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue teaching or if I wanted to leave my profession (which by the way...we had just paid off my college loans...and I wasn’t sure it was a good idea to leave something that I paid THAT MUCH for!). Trav really helped me focus and look at what was best for our family. I ended up leaving...and it was the BEST choice EVER! I am so thankful that I listened to him and that I have time to be a wife and craft. I do have to work on all the “wife jobs”--I need to start cleaning and doing laundry more...maybe that can be my new year’s resolution!

I am also very thankful for all of you! I am so blessed to have you visit with me and listen to all the craziness that happens to me! I can’t wait to blog more in 2010--just a side note...I told Trav about a year ago that I would NEVER EVER blog. I didn’t like it....whoa was I wrong! I LOVE IT! Because of YOU! So thank you thank you thank you!

I have so much more to be thankful for--healthy nieces and nephews...a wonderful family (and in-laws)...awesome friends that help lift us up....a house...jobs...a church....our music....etc. etc. I am truly blessed!

Thanks for a wonderful ending to 2009! Happy New Year!
So until 2010~
Love, Sav

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Charlene Austin said...

Happy New Year honey bunny!! I KNOW I am thankful for YOU!! What would I do without you? I can't imagine.

I hope you and Trav have a wonderful New Years celebration and enjoy!!!

Hugs to you forever!!!

p.s...479 cards???? I don't think I have ever made that many in my life. WOW!