21 December 2009

check check...and iPOD Touch:)

Hello, friends:} 

Sorry to all my followers...my husband and I were working on how to change the fonts and colors of my new blog! We think we have it...(finger’s crossed!).

Speaking of followers...my first two followers should have received an email today about their crafty candy they WON! I was so impressed with them following me...that I wanted to say THANK YOU! Stephanie and Jen, please send an email to me with your addresses! CONGRATULATIONS:}

Well...Trav posted earlier tonight (while trying to figure this technology out)... “Savannah went a bit crazy and bought me an iPOD Touch. Darn it! No presents!” He was right--my mom and I went together to get him an iPOD. I think he likes it...and he deserves it! Trav is the BEST!! And again, he is right- we said, “no presents”....but I cannot NOT give gifts--that is my personality! I love giving things to others. And who knows...maybe Santa will bring more!!!

I hope you are doing well tonight- thanks for checking in with us! I hope that I learn how to use this blog soon! Let me know if it is slow to load on your computer due to our fonts....or if colors are not showing...etc. I appreciate your love and support;)

Until next time~
Love, Sav

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