06 January 2010

JUGS14 card

Hello, friends:}

I'm back to creating cards for challenges! HOOORAY!! This card is for the Just Us Girls challenge
I was kind of stumped when looking at the sketch...but then I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

My card for this challenge is for Candice~ my sister-in-law. **NOTE:: I hope Candice isn't reading this! She is getting married in November this year!! When a family or friend sets a date for a wedding...I make a card for each month to celebrate love and their lives together. I try to make each card reflect their style or where they are getting married...or things like that. Well, Candice and Allen are going to LAS VEGAS!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! I can't wait! 

For my card, I used an old map of the Vegas strip....some miniature playing cards...and a sticker that I originally bought for one of her bridal gifts (for her scrapbook). I also used the crossword stamp from Unity's November 09 KOTM. Love  Unity

**NOTE:: if anyone can think of other words to put in the crossword puzzle (that have to do with weddings or love or Las Vegas) ....leave a comment! 
**NOTE:: Read the first comment--my brother Leander already gave me a word for the puzzle...but it didn't really fit the whole "love theme". Thanks, LEO:}

Well...back to the drawing pad...or is it square one that I need to start at? I am so disorganized and behind...I don't know what to do with myself! If anyone has any suggestions on how to get back to "normal" or organized...please let me know!! 

Thanks so much for visiting...more to come later:} 
Until next time~
Love, Sav


Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Phone conversation between Leander (my older brother) and myself- ten minutes after posting this card:::

L: Hey. Can I call you back in 2 minutes?
M: Yes.
2 minutes later...
L: I have a word for your card.
M: Really?
L: Where the "LG" go down...Algebra!
M: (shocked) Awesome!

He told me where he got this word (some website...) but I will have to ask him for it and post it later!

Thanks, LEO:)

Mona Pendleton said...

VIVA LAS VEGAS!!! What a fun, out of the box card Savannah! Have fun in Vegas :) Great way to work the sketch! Thanks for playing along with Just Us Girls - hope you come back Saturday for an all new challenge!

Lisa Kind said...

What a fun card and idea! This is a cool card! So different! thanks for playing our JUGs challenge!