05 January 2010

several pics from Indiana...and a couple of funny stories

Hello friends:}

As promised from yesterday's post....here are some pics of my trip to Indiana to see my family. 

I was greeted by my two brothers (L-R: Leander, Carrel) when I got home. Funny story #1: I have always given them some silly small gift for Christmas...but last year, the squirmles was a HIT! I couldn't stop laughing all week! They would try to see who could make their squirmles do the BEST trick...FUNNY! So this year...I decided to get another gift just like this from the same company. I ended up getting them the hairy pop balls (not sure on the correct name- I will contact them today and see if they can give it to me!). They just pop when you throw them down. The competition started the night I went home- in this pic, Leander and Carrel are ready to throw their hairy pop ball down to see which one will pop higher. **NOTE: Neither one popped very much--it was soooo funny! 

This pic is of Leander's Music Studio. He gives lessons for several different instruments. His studio is in Mom/Dad's storage units, Hoover Storage. The second pic is what it looks like on the back side of the units. They have about 12 units and the studio in the front. It was really nice! And guess who built it? Carrel!! He owns Hoover Construction! I was impressed by the work--the units--and the studio! Awesome stuff:}

Since I'm mentioning all the family owned businesses....I might as well tell you about ours! Funny story #2: Trav is a great guy! When we first met, I was moving from an apt. to a house on the river. He volunteered to move my stuff. Then a couple of weeks later...I found out that I had to move my classroom to another school. He helped me move all of my school stuff to my new house. Then my portable at the school came....moving me again. When the year ended, I was lucky enough to get a "real" classroom, and Trav helped me move again. I moved from my house to another apt. before we got married....then two more classroom moves...and Trav was starting to call himself "HOOVER MOVERS". **NOTE:: Hoover was my maiden name. Trav even made T-shirts that had a logo and the business name! Since we have been married...Trav has moved my classroom again, my stuff into our house, to a NEW house, a couple of friends needed help moving....and every time we go to Indiana...Leander has something to move! This pic is of Trav and Leander moving something in Leander's garage to the basement....Hoover Movers never rests! HA! Funny thing is...Trav even brought his T-shirt on our trip...I wonder if he was wearing it in this pic!

First pic: L-R: Grandma Hoover, me, Lenora (my mom)
Second pic: me, Granny
I love my scoodies that I make...and I gave my entire family some for Christmas. My mom ordered some for Grandma and Granny too. So....I had to get some pics of us using our scoodies;} LOVE IT! **NOTE: They were very helpful up there--it was below zero!!!

Trav has lived in Florida his entire life (minus 6 years in GA for college). So snow is always fun for him. This was his first snowman. TOOO cute! He made it when we were visiting my Uncle John and Aunt Kelly's bed and breakfast-- The Tuck You Inn in Winamac, IN. Cute place!! It was an old hospital.... and Uncle John (who also owns his own construction company) finished the house with wood floors and awesome rooms with antique furniture! It was amazing!! I can't wait to visit my hometown again and stay there! Here is a pic of what it looks like::: 

Funny story #3 (and last pic): So Trav and I have always  played a game called DICE...not sure what the real name is...but we have decided to keep track of our scores and play for LIFE! I bring this game (usually) when we eat out or on trips. When we were waiting for our food at the airport on the way home, we started to play. **NOTE: We have made up our own little rules to make the game more interesting. For example, if you roll three 1's then that is worth 1000 points....or if you roll five of the same number--that is worth that number times a thousand (five 3's= 3,000).

Ok...so Trav was messing around on his iTouch...not paying attention...and he ROLLS FIVE 4's! YIKES! He got 4,000 points! Which made him start to win again!!! NOT FAIR! He has around 270,000 and I only have 250,000. :{ It is fun to play...but what luck!

Thanks so much for checking out some of the pics that I took while visiting my family. I will probably share more later...I kind of overdid it today--it's probably more than you wanted! I just had lots to share:} 

I hope you have a wonderful day--I'm off to work on some cards and other projects!
Until next time~
Love, Sav

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Ruby said...

Hi hun, just flicking through your blog for inspiration (I need to make two man cards for my Mum, two young guys and I am rubbish at man cards!!!! I thought of you straightaway for inspiration because your cards are just so fresh, fun and funky!!) Anyway, while looking I saw your dice. I was intrigued! What a fab idea, I am going to HAVE to play that with Ian and Tink, they will LOVE it! What are the rules?!!