19 June 2011

Busy month....and Happy Father's Day!!!

Hello, friends:}

I just wanted to update you on how my month or so has been! I apologize for being away so much--but I had a very busy schedule with projects, crafts, calls, and singing! 

Sometime in the last month, I had an in-home sale for Jelly Bean Designs. It went AMAZING! THANKS to all my friends and followers that stopped by or ordered! Here is a pic of my friend, Concetta, and her dog, Lina! They stopped by to visit and grab some goodies. Her mother came too (The Bingo Queen!). Super fun time!! Olsen wasn't sure about Lina--but isn't that how love starts for young kids? They are mean to each other and then end up in love in no time? :}
 Lina getting Olsen's mustache toy!
I've also been super busy making projects and creations for special clients. I was asked by one client (a good friend) to make a graduation gift for her nephew who is attending an Ivy League school in Philly. I love this box of goodies that I made! It looks like the "fragile" lettering on a package! FUN! 
OH!!! And HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! I miss my dad, but hopefully I will be able to see him soon (July!!). 
This is Dad and I in Tampa [Nov. 2010]. 

I wish I could show you more....but soon! I promise:) Secrets secrets!! 

Thanks so much for stopping by! So glad to almost be back to normal:} Be blessed!


Wendy ten Hove said...

Hi Sav!

Fun photos here, love the one with you and your dad!! You both look soo happy!! All the best to him as well!

Hugs, Wendy

Tracey said...

LOVE seeing the personal pics Sav...the one with your dad is so sweet, you are so beautiful!
Liked the comment on my blog about the dresses...when you live in Canada...we head to the US to shop LOL Macy's have fabulous deals and when you tell them you are Canadian they give you another 15% off the sale price :)))))

Colleen Dietrich said...

What are these secrets?? Love that pic of you and your dad. :) And the Philly box is cute: I live 10 minutes outside of Philly!

concettaz said...

I just wrote a long comment here, and POOF! it disappeared!
So, I'm posting again, with the "Reader's Digest" version.

a) best pic of Lina and me in years - LOVE LOVE LOVE it (as you would say!).
b) super fun time at your house
c) your cards so rock - they are more like little gifts than just "cards"
d) you make Lina and me smile!!!