04 June 2013

Scavenger Hunt with Whisker Graphics

Hello, friends:}

Today I'm sharing my Whisker Graphics creation that is featured on the WG blog-- you can also read about this creation over on the WG blog HERE.

I know that school is out and that means parents or childcare providers need to think of fun things to keep the kids busy!!! LOL! 

I used some of my WG polka dot bitty bags to make a scavenger hunt game. **There are lots of ways to make this game last longer/etc. I will provide more details and ideas below! 
Click HERE for a FREE printable game sheet.

For my game, I created 8 scavenger hunt bags. I wanted each of my friend's kids to have their own color (this is a great way to help the younger kids work on color recognition). I tied a matching crayon to the bag using WG divine twine. Each scavenger hunt page was stapled to a matching colored cardstock so they could write down extra things that they found along our walk **more details below

Here are some pics of my friend's kids playing this scavenger hunt game! They really had a great time:)
Before we started we wrote out words for extra bonus points (see Idea #3).
We didn't have to go far to find things on our scavenger hunt! 
Loooooove these kids! They did a great job with this scavenger hunt! 

Other ideas and way to play this scavenger hunt game: 
  1. Put the kids in teams and have them try to find everything on their game sheet together-- first team done wins.
  2. Create a scavenger game hunt for car rides, grocery store visits, neighborhood walks, the home, and more!
  3. As mentioned above-- staple your game sheets to cardstock for extra bonus points. When you start your game, tell the kids that you want them to also be on the look out for items/things that start with a specific letter [i.e. the letter M-- mailbox, mole, mud, mower, etc.]. This will help with letter recognition and words as well! 
  4. Create a scavenger hunt game that's only color recognition-- each child has to find items that match the color of their bitty bag/twine and crayon.
  5. Create a smaller scavenger hunt game sheet for kids younger than 4-- use a smaller bitty bag and only three items on a game sheet. 
That's it for me today! And be sure to stop by the Whisker Graphics blog for more inspiration. And stop by their shop too!! I def. need to go shopping--- I know I say this every month.... but it's true----I need MORE bitty bags:) LOL!

Also-- did you know about Whisker Graphics's new products??? Check it out HERE! New bitty bags, colors of divine twine, and more!!! 

And did you know about the NEW WG challenge??? Be sure to stop by the WG blog HERE for more details and to play along:)

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Sav & Trav said...

Still no photo credit:)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

How FUN!!!! I love the photos and love love love the bags!!

Jocelyn Olson said...

SUPER cute idea, Sav! The bags are adorable. It looks like the kids had fun!

Emily Leiphart said...

Awesome project, Sav! The kids certainly look like they loved them!!

Jinny Newlin said...

So fun, and such great pics, Savannah! Thanks for sharing!

Angi Barrs said...

What a fun game. The kiddos are soooo adorable!

cm said...

What a fantastic scavanger hunt idea! Your photos clearly reveal how much fun the kids had - all because of YOU and your awesome creativity!! These bitty bags are swoon-able cute! I'm off to explore the WG site more (because I've already done so for the last 20 minutes!). Thanks for sharing yet another outstanding treat!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

What a fun idea and such a cute way to accomplish it! You know I have to do this for my kiddo now right?! :)

Miriam Prantner said...

This is such a cute idea! Love it! I may just have to case this....too bad you don't live closer to me....I would be dropping my kids off all the time! They would help you finds cans though ;)

Lisa Elton said...

These are adorable Savannah and the pictures of the kids show it was well worth your effort!!!

Chris Dring said...

OMGee! Savannah, this is such a great idea and I really like how you made each with a different color. What fun for the kids! TFS!

yyam said...

Awwww....such a fun project! :)