17 February 2010

more crafty friends and a challenge card

Hello, friends:}

I have a really quick card to share today for Lucy's Challenge #5.  I've been thinking about this card for sometime...I'm not sure it turned out exactly like I wanted it to, but I still think it is adorable. Def. CAS! Litterally took me 5 minutes to make! Love it:} I used Unity's Jan. KOTM polka dot stamp over some Cricut letters. 
I've been so busy this week that I really haven't had time to create...but I do have friends that are creative! These were made by Olivia and her mom, Sheri. They are the sweetest! Olivia was at my house the other day, and we used my Lizzie Ann Feb. KOTM stamps to make this card--it was designed and made completely by Olivia! LOVE it;}
Olivia also made this very symmetrical card all by herself. She is very crafty! 
Sheri made several vday cards for her family! Amazing--I love how they can take of lots of different papers and scraps to make beautiful original artwork! Craftiness must run in the family!!
**NOTE:: There is a 3D flower in the lower left corner. And the front flap opens up! How clever!

Thanks so much for visiting!! Love when you stop by! Oh--I have some really exciting news to share! I cannot wait--my first EVER! So be on the lookout for a news alert:} I will be back tomorrow....and Friday for FWF! 
Until next time~
Love, Sav


JPScraps said...

I have a dotted gift card started that's real similar to yours....only needs ribbon & a sentiment.

Gwen said...

Great polka dot card! Can't wait to hear your surprise!

Jennine Chambers said...

Love the cards! The hello one is so me! LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Very cute!

lisa a.