02 February 2010

no card....but kind of funny story

Hello, friends;}

I have no card today for you...booo! I know! I am so sad that I didn't get to create today! I did happen to have a funny story with Trav tonight. 

He left for work WAY before I got out of bed...so he didn't get to see what I was wearing. He always tells me how beautiful I am--which makes me feel good...rewind the story a bit... the other day we were shopping for random things, and I bought a pair of "skinny jeans". **NOTE:: I don't know why they are called "skinny jeans"...they make me feel weird and they are missing like five inches of jean fabric in the back! YIKES! I NEVER would have said that I liked them...but they were cheap, and I thought it would be fun to try. Trav said he has never been a fan of them either. Didn't bother me....fast forward to today....I got up and put the "skinny jeans" on. I also had this crazy yellow/green/puke colored sweater on. I do love that sweater:} Anyway...I called Trav on my way home, and here is how our conversation went:::

Me: I am not sure you are going to like the outfit I have on today. 
Trav: Oh really? What are you wearing?
M: Can't tell you.
T: I'm not going to guess.
M: I will tell you if you are right.
T: Is it the green shirt with the sequins?
M: WHAT? What shirt is that? [I wasn't mad...I was just shocked that I couldn't remember which shirt this was...and I was giggling the whole time!]
T: See that is why I didn't want to say anything?
M: What shirt are you talking about?
T: 3/4 sleeves...sequins...is that what it is called? Green...or teal...
M: I don't have a shirt like that?!
T: Yes, you do. 
M: Um...that isn't what I am wearing.
T: What are you wearing? 
M: Not telling--I said I would tell you if you were right.

Ok--so I pull into the driveway at the same time he did--and he was shocked that I was wearing these jeans--and my snake skin shoes...and purple scarf (it was cold here!). The whole conversation was fun--no hard feelings! So, I proceed to take Olsen on a walk...as we come inside, Trav is standing there holding the following shirt in his hand on the hanger. I'm giggling as I write this--it was funny. I didn't know what shirt he was referring to--and note to self::: I LOVE that shirt! 
All in all--it was a busy day...and we managed to get a good laugh in. 

I hope that I will be able to share some cards with you tomorrow...I have a tight schedule...so I'll see what I can do:}

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Have a good one! Thanks for stopping by! Love when we visit!
Until next time~
Love, Sav


Ashley Newell said...

How funny! My hubby would NOT dare answer the question about what shirt he didn't like.

Robynccgirl said...

That is funny. It's always nice when they remember what you have when you don't!

JPScraps said...

So funny. My dd & her boyfriend had a similar conversation. He described a shirt he liked...soft, short sleeve, empire...it ended up being a plain gray tank :)

Gwen said...

Great story!! Men and clothes! It amazes me how they may not like something but don't say anything about it for ages! :)

Elizabeth said...

You're too much! So, did you find out if that was the shirt he meant? It's cute by the way! Have a blessed day!

Jennine Chambers said...

Cute shirts! What is life without laughter! Hope you had a great week.

Charlene Austin said...

Oh this is funny honey!! So did Trav like the outfit? I DO! Seriously...I love your sweater. I'd wear it in a heart beat. However I couldn't wear the skinny jeans unless I lost 60 lbs and even then it would be pushing it. lol. You look adorable!