12 April 2010

Monday Monday...and some fun info

Hello, friends;}

I have a card and award to share with you today! HOOORAY! This is a LONG post--but good info in it!
This card was entered into the Color Throwdown #87, Die Cuts R Us, and Everything But The Kitchen Sink challenges. I love love love this card--super cute...however, I messed up the colors for the Color Throwdown. I wrote down black instead of gray! EH!! Then....I went to post my card for the EBTKS challenge....and I was 61 minutes LATE! AHHHHHHHHHHH! I still love this card! I used embroidery thread for the cage and the stamps were from Unity's Where You Are and Ippity's Regal Greetings (sentiment). I love love love it--why did I have to wait so long to post it??? Eh. Next time!

And now for my award...this is my FIRST blinkie/badge award! I am super SUPER excited! My friend, Bonnie, gave it to me! She is SOOOO AWESOME! She makes more cards than anyone I know! And she pumps out two or three post a day! WOW! ThanksBonnie, for your love and support! Be sure to check her blog out!! 

So here is a bit about me....

10 things that make me happy:
1. God--He is super good to me! I am so amazed at what He does for me even though I know I don't deserve it! His love never fails! 
2. Travis--he is also super good to me! I can't thank him enough for all that he does for me and how he loves me! I'm truly blessed! **NOTE:: he just came into my studio and asked what I was doing. I said I was filling out an award thing...he said, "For what? Best wife?" TOOOO SWEET! 
3. Crafting-- I love to craft! I love to work with paper and sewing. I really enjoy just "making" things!
4. Olsen--I know that I call him "crazy" or yell at him when he eats my baby wipes or trash...but lately he has been such a "big boy"! And who could look into his super sweet eyes and not melt!?
5. Singing--I love love love to sing! I love to praise God! I am so thankful for this gift that I just want to sing His praises always!
6. My teams--I am sooooooo thankful for my Play Date Cafe, Limelight, EtsyInspired, and Nina Brackett teams!!  **NOTE:: I know I'm only a guest for the last three...but I love all the members and their support!
7. My MAC--I love my MAC computer/desktop. It is one of my babies! LOVE it! It makes me really happy! I just need a MAC laptop now...then both would make me EXTRA happy!
8. My new sewing machine--I love it! I am afraid to use it because it was expensive...but I love love love it!
9. The Office game--I love playing that with Trav. Just sitting and relaxing...it makes me happy to play any game  with him (as long as I win!). 
10. My friends--yep! YOU make me happy! I wish I could meet all of you in person! Maybe one day:}

5 pieces of trivia:
1. Hm....I grew up on a farm, and we raised chickens for eggs and meat. I really enjoyed when our entire family would butcher them. I won't go into details...
2. I'm kind of accident prone--however, I've been really good for the past three and half years! 
3. I'm not a good reader--it takes me a long long time to read a book. I never really learned how to read until about 6th grade. I remember going to the library and only getting picture books or small kid books. My mom was like, "Sav...you need to start reading bigger books." Eh--and the worst part was I am a teacher! Teaching reading! I do think that this experience helps me while teaching....so it is a blessing in disguise. 
4. I don't like to celebrate my birthday. Not an important day to me....I don't like to be the center of attention...and I never really celebrated as a kid. **NOTE:: it isn't because I don't like getting older...it just isn't important to me.
5. My fav color is green--however, I never had a favorite color until in eleventh grade during band/guard. I was asked what my fav color was....and I thought about it for two seconds and started to sing, "And the green grass grows all around all around....the green grass grows all around." And that was it. Green is my fav since! That is why I always write THANK YOU in green at the bottom of my post:}

And finally, 5 blogger friends to recieve this special award. This was hard--I want to give it to EVERYONE! YOU all are AMAZING! But I had to pick five... in RANDOM order:
1. Char Austin--she is SUPER creative and one of my greatest friends! She is super supportive of me! LOVE her!
2. Julie Ranae--she is AWESOME too! She has been a great support for me! LOVE her! 
3. Lynn Miller-- ACK--love love love Lynn! She is always inspiring me! GREAT style of crafting! 
4. Mandy/Limelight-- I'm so excited about Mandy and her store. She is so SWEET! She has great challenges that are always super fun! Love her and her site! 
5.  Nina Brackett-- WOW! She creates her own digi and rubber stamps--so much creativity flowing from her! Love her! 

Oh man--I could name Ashley Newell, De, StampinCathy, Lisa A., Lisa H., JenMarie, Laurel and so so so so many more! I wish I had 100 to give away! 

Thanks again, Bonnie, for giving me this award! Be sure to check out all the other blogs!!

Thanks so much for making it this far in the post! Love when we get to visit--esp. today because I got to share some info with you about myself! Just a note::: remember this date/post and info, because I have a feeling that one of my random giveaways will refer back to these questions!!! Just a hint:}
Hope you have a FABULOUS day!
Until next time~
Love, Sav

ps...check out these challenges: Play Date CafeEtsyInspired 

ps2...like I said before...AWESOME sales going on over at Limelight!


LORi said...

Hi Savannah....no it's not de javu, I couldn't resist telling you one more time how pretty your card is and that I am so happy you shared with DCRU!!!

Big hugs - LORi

StampinCathy said...

Your card is fabulous and just love how you did the bird cage. Even if it was late and you used the wrong color. It all happens to the best of us. LOL That was so sweet that Bonnie sent you this award. You so deserve it and I really enjoyed reading a little bit about you. You are so sweet and cute. I was really honored to see my name up there. I'm so glad that I found you in cyber space and can became friends. Have a fabulous week.

farmhouse-story said...

love the adorable birdcage card, and thank you for the blog award-your are just such a sweetie!

NinaB said...

Awww, thanks for the blog award, Savannah. You're so sweet to include me. I loved reading about you. That first on your trivia list made me laugh. I don't do that, but our neighbors do.

Suzanne C said...

Fantastic card. love the embroidery. Wish I could bottle up your energy and sell it! Loved all the interesting info about you!

Bonita Rose said...

so much fun reading about ya gf... hugs.. thks for the shoutout.. can't wait to see what u hv created for my ippity hop tomorr.. hugs.. love you xo

Charlene Austin said...

You are so cute!! LOVE the award so much!!! You are the BESTEST!