10 August 2010

CSN Stores.....love love love them:}

Hello, friends:}

I just love love love CSN Stores!! They are FAB! I could look on their sites for hours!! I was asked to do another review, but I've had a hard time picking what I would like to review!! I was in the bags and then the shoes...and then I found dinnerware sets--something we need since ALL of our dishes and silverware are RUINED due to the dishwasher not rinsing the soap off! AHHHHH! I def. like this set--Trav and I really like gray right now:}
Now I want this set even more--That would look AMAZING on my table--LOVE IT!
After thinking about what I wanted....I decided to pick this bag--look how beautiful it is! And it's gray! I love the size and the price! Get out--under $55!! LOOOOOOOOOOVE it!
Check out these items too--I wanted these as well...I have some birthday money left over, so I might be visiting for these shoes and bags!
Just got a Mac Book Pro for my bday--would love to put it in this! Or this....

Love this carry-on bag...LOVE green:}
We are headed to LV, NV in November...could you see us with this as our luggage--LOVE IT! 
And while I'm shopping--I might as well get some new shoes...ACK! Super cute!! 
I can't wait to get my new handbag--I will def. take pics:} Please head on over to the CSN website!! Come back and tell me what you like. Or what you NEED...or WANT!! Or can't LIVE WITHOUT! **NOTE:: I have a file on my computer titled "CSN LOVE"...I LOVE CSN!!

I hope you are all doing well! THANKS for stopping by:} I love sharing wonderful sites with you!! Be blessed:}

ps....Don't forget about the PDCC, EIC, and ATU challenges going on right now!! You still have time to play along:}


StampinCathy said...

I just love this store too. Great prices and fast shipping too. My oldest DD is going to CA for a wedding and I told her to go over there and find a carry on bag. I won $50.00 and thought she needed it more. So she found a really nice bag and maybe just maybe she will let me use it one day. I just love their lamps, kitchen items, and so much more. Everytime I go there my list gets longer.

farmhouse-story said...

great picks, savannah! i'm off to check it out:)

Virginia L. said...

Wow, girl, you know your BAGS and that is a good thing :) Love your selections and it's always a fun thing to visit your blog!