17 August 2010

Some fun mail...

Hello, friends:}

I received some fun mail the past two weeks...some were winnings from challenges...but the BEST two cards I received were for my birthday!! This first one was from my friend, Mandy! She owns Limelight Papercrafts! GET OUT!!! Mandy thought of ME!! ME!! HOOOOORAY! I love it--that sentiment is from Unity's July Store Kit! I love that she made me a card using Unity!! I love it! Love the colors and those butterflies!! THANKS for making my day, Mandy:}
This next card is one of my ABSOLUTE FAV cards that I've made! Yep--you read that right...I made my own birthday card! HA! I love when my MOM does this! She ordered cards about three weeks before my bday. She asked for a couple birthday cards....and some anniversary cards....I never thought about it. I just made them! Then I opened up my card--and several of my family members (which my dad is a family of 5 and my mom is #6 of 13--so lots of family and cousins and aunts/uncles...) had signed it! This card was originally made for my Mom and for the Play Date Cafe challenge. I just loooooove it! I used Unity's Where You Are butterfly and the sentiment is from Moments in Bloom. I just love this card--love love love it!

I also received the CUTEST bag today in the mail--it was one of my gifts!! I looooove it! I can't show it to you yet--I will take pics and share later:} I just know you are going to want one too!! LOVE IT!

I will be back tomorrow with the sweetest and glamorous love card [I made it for my SIL]!! I can't wait!! Thanks so much for stopping by today!! Be blessed:}


Jenny said...

I love Mandy, shes so sweet. And I love the card you made for yourself LOL! Too funny!! :D Cant wait to see your bag. :D

dahlhousedesigns said...

Awwww, sweet Mandy, gotta love her!!! And your mom is too funny!!! I love it!

lisa a.

StampinCathy said...

That is so sweet that Mandy made a special card for your special day. That's so funny about receiving your card back. My sister did that to me a couple of time. I guess they think they are special enough to give it to us.

Natalie said...

Love it! I wonder if my mom will do that for me? I've made her a ton of cards per her request this year! How sweet of your friend Mandy. It's the simple things in life that bring such pleasure, isn't it?!!! Have a fantastic day.

Suzanne C said...

Fabulous birthday cards and love that you received back one of your own! :) Like a child coming home.