27 January 2012

BIG News over on the Ribbon Carousel blog/giveaway post1

Hello, friends:)

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Today is a big day at RibbonCarousel.com. We are debuting the brand new Ribbon Carousel© today and, of course, doing a giveaway on our blog too! 

Here are the details: 

The Ribbon Carousel© is made out of White Marine Board Plastic (High Density Polyethylene), giving it a textured top with smooth scrolled edges.  Each Carousel comes with 8 Clear Acrylic rods allowing for many different configurations.  You can use it as a 4, 5, 6 or 8 post Carousel, depending upon your individual needs.
The Ribbon Carousel© holds up to 60 rolls of 3/8" ribbon using 4 rods, 40 Wooden Spools or 16 spools of your favorite Baker's Twine using 8 rods. It SPINS around on a lazy susan, allowing you to access your ribbon and twine easily! This easy-to-use organizer is compact, with a footprint less than 7" square on your workspace. The Ribbon Carousel© holds ribbon spools of any size up to a 4" diameter. Minimal assembly required.
 To use: Simply unscrew the knob on top of the Ribbon Carousel©.  Remove the top and place your spools on the posts as desired.  Replace the top by lining up the rods to the holes in the underside of the top.  Replace the knob to secure the Ribbon Carousel.
 Specifications: Each Ribbon Carousel is approximately 6.85" square and 13.5" tall.  The manufacturing and assembly of each Ribbon Carousel© is in Washington State, USA.

Now head on over to the Ribbon Carousel blog or FB page to be entered in our giveaway! Good luck:) 

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Natalie said...

Very cool way to organize those spools!