23 January 2014

Virtual Smooches: Start-to-Finish 2 cards (and a bit of card surgery)

Hello, friends:}

Today's my day to share a video over on the  Paper Smooches video blog- Virtual Smooches

Thank you for praying for my technical difficulties... I am STILL in need of prayer and really hope to be recording normal videos by next week! 

Today I'm sharing a start-to-finish video that includes 2 cards that I shared earlier this week! The story behind these cards... well... it's LONG! Here's the best short version I can give: I started creating a card, but messed up my embossing after measuring the space for the alphas (I didn't remember where my mark was and thus ran out of room!). I began to pull the paper off the card and totally tore it up. So I stopped the video and started a new card... in the meantime, I had some issues with my camcorder running out of room and so I had to delete the first video....ONLY to find out that once I deleted this first video (which I needed for today's post) my original "deleted" video showed up! LOL! So after finding out that I had deleted something I needed and found something I lost... I started my third card which is technically the 2nd card for today's video. And that brings me to today....

I seriously hope that story made sense! LOL! 

Be sure to check out the  Virtual Smooches blog {HERE} for my videos and details! 

Here's a sneak peek of my cards:
THANKS so much for stopping by--- be sure to go HERE for my video! Be blessed:}


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Oh boy ... sounds like more problems :( Off to see the videos!!!!

Shannon J said...

Oh Sav!!!!! You poor thing!! My anxiety skyrocketed just reading about your - adventures?? (to put it nicely!!!). I can't even imagine what yours was like!! So annoying when these things just take up SO much time - time that you could spend making cards!!! Grrrrrr!!! I hope everything gets resolved soon! Thank you SO much for all of your efforts, amongst ALL of the frustrations, to do this for US!

Lisa Elton said...

Ooooh no what a turn of events Sav! Off to check out the epic video!!!

Unknown said...

oh Sav- you poor thing. I do hope that this may be the end of your technical difficulties and the new camcorder works! Love both of these cards.

Larissa Heskett said...

OMG!! Hope the New Camera helps you out!!?? ;) still just gotta LOVE you for being able to laugh and stick with it!! Most would have gotten frustrated and just given up by now!! ;) LOVED the Video and your card surgery and my FIL would have looked at me FUNNY as well!! ;) they just don't get our card making imaginations!! HAHAHAHA!! LOVE IT!! Thanks for sharing and have a Fabulous Week!! ;)