14 June 2022

2022: 16 years Engagement Anniversary [card #104]

Hello again, sweet friends! 

Today Trav and I celebrate the day he asked me to marry him, 16 years ago! 

The story is detailed with so many fun facts… let me see if I can share a few: 
1. I knew the day I met him that I wanted to marry him. 
2. I found a note with some lyrics on it at his house about a month before he asked me to marry him. I didn’t know what they were or what song it was for… but I knew the date was 6.1.06 (as those numbers add up to my favorite number: 13).
3. His grandma went into Hospice on 6.1.06, thwarting his plans. She passed away three days later. 
4. I knew he was one day going to be my husband— how soon, I didn’t know but that didn’t matter. I bought him a 12 string guitar that he said he wanted on 6.14.06. When I talked to the sales person on the phone, I told him that this was a gift for husband but I wasn’t engaged yet. He was shocked and laughed at me. I knew Trav would ask me and I wanted to be prepared. 
5. That night, on 6.14.06, I met Trav at his house so we could go help our friends prepare for their wedding in a few days. We were also singing “Bliss” at this wedding. He sat me down at his kitchen table and started to sing a song written for me. It ended with him getting on his knee and asking me “Will you be my wife?” (This rhymed with the word in the phrase before, “life”.). Of course I was crying as he pulled a gift bag up (it had a hole in the bottom) to reveal the ring HE designed and created (it is SO big!!! ). He got on his knee and asked me to marry him. I yelled out “YES! This is fabulous!” LOL! That was the in word of the year. He also gave me a shirt that read “Soon-to-be Mrs. O’Gwynn”!!! Then he told me the story about how he asked my dad. 
6. My dad traveled a lot back in the day and he was somewhere out of the country. Trav tried to get ahold of him several times before I got to his house. Trav said he was so nervous. Dad finally picked up and Trav told him what was going to happen that night. Dad said “yes” but also added that Trav was “a stand up citizen”. LOL 
7. After Trav gave me the ring and shirt, I told him I bought him a gift too! He was shocked and amazed and couldn’t wait for it to arrive in the mail. 
8. On our way to go see our friends (which now we were VERY late to our appointment with them) we called my mom. She was in Wisconsin and had no cell service. I called Dad and he was excited. 
9. When we got to our friend’s house, it took them at least 10 minutes to see the ring on my finger! It wasn’t’ a small diamond— they were just focused on their wedding and preparing! LOL! 
10. We finished helping them around 10pm and finally had dinner. The only place open was Perkins. 
11. We sang “Bliss” at our friend’s wedding a few days later and everyone said we were singing it to each other instead of the bride and groom! Oops! We were in love and ready to get married too! LOL! 
12. Trav’s guitar came way before the wedding. We decided to get our engagement photos with it. When I walked into his house to meet him for our shoot, he told me to help him put his new guitar away so we could get going as he wasn’t ready just yet. I opened up his guitar case and inside were two sets of diamond earrings that he designed, each a quarter of a carat and totaling one carat. He had bought me some engagement earrings! I wore them for our photos and still do to this day! 

Ok… I know this story is long (and I’m sure I’ve missed some details). I love our love story. It’s my favorite ❤️

**You can see my engagement ring in the background. It has a large diamond in the center, diamonds down the side and front/back. I love it! I wish I could wear it more often— being an aqua fitness teacher makes it hard. 
I’m sure I’ve bored you enough for the day. That’s it for me today. I’ll be back with MORE creations SOON! 

THANKS so much for stopping by!    

Be blessed ❤️

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Card #104

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