23 November 2011

Layers of Color-Nov. Guest Designer--FREE PDF file:)

Hello, friends:}

I'm back with another Layers of Color Guest Designer creation! I had a so much fun working with my stamp sets for today's project. I focused on BABIES!!! Since my newest nephew was born last week, I thought I would share another Prayer journal. 

Here are a few photos of Knox--he is almost one week old! So precious;)

I love the scripture about raising your children up to know the Lord {Eph. 6:4b ...bring your children in up in the training and instruction of the Lord.}. I wish sometimes that I knew Him more when I was a kid! So important!! A solid foundation for your children--so that they follow Jesus and know the Truth. 

So when I have friends or family give birth, I try to send them a prayer journal. This journal has one scripture and prayer for each day of the month. I created my prayer journal using the Layers of Color Sentimental Banner stamp set along with Polka Dot Parade images. I love this red, yellow, aqua color story from the patterned paper. I love that this journal could be for a boy or a girl--however, I would probably give it to a boy! 
So sorry for the horrible pic--these papers are GORGEOUS in person--super hard to take photos at night! 
Here is an example of a prayer from this journal: 27. Thankful: "Help my children live lives that are always overflowing with thankfulness and always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ." Eph. 5:20, Col. 2:7 And because LOC has been so nice to me--I would like to share with you my PDF files for the prayer journals...for FREE! **These are PDF files that save as a JPEG. If you have problems, please let me know! I can send them to you in an email:)

That's it for me today. Be sure to stop by the LOC blog and website! I know you will enjoy their creations as much as I do! And check Layers of Color out on FB! If you haven't stopped by the LOC Tea Party Blog Hop--click HERE! There are TWO FREE amazing templates available for you!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Be blessed:}


Virginia L. said...

Not only the card and projects are inspirational, YOU are! Love love your prayer journal album and I am proud to say that both my two kids are God's children. They love going to church and fellowship and they love God! Hugs to you, my friend! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Trav! I am thankful that I had met you! xoxo

Laura Kirste Campbell said...

My, Oh My! how precious is that baby smile!!...melts my heart!!

And your wonderful project does too, Savannah! Oh, I adore your gift idea and so thoughtfully and beautifully made! A prayer journal is a Very Special gift filled with love and the truth of God's Word. It doesn't get better than that!

Thank you, Savannah for the wonderful prayer journal idea and the generous gift of this list of prayers that has eternal significance!

Andrea M said...

Sav your card is GORGEOUS as always!!! But it's hard to get past that CUTIE PATOOTIE, bundle of SWEET GOODNESS!!! Knox is ADORABLE!!!!
I do love all the color and pattens in you card though! What a perfect baby card!

Judy1223 said...

Savannah, Knox is so beautiful (and so are your photographs of him)! God bless his heart.

I love your prayer journal...I only wish I had thought to do this when my four kids were babies. Nothing better than an early introduction to God and prayer and the importance of both in our lives! Thanks for sharing the PDF files, too...so generous of you to share!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Houses Built of Cards said...

Your nephew is completely ADORABLE!!! Love that last picture where he is smiling so cute!!! And I totally agree - and love the prayer journal idea! This one is totally adorable!!!


Nancy K said...

Thanks Savannah, I love this prayer journal! So nice of you to share the Bible verse prayers, too! This will make a wonderful gift for my son and daughter in law who are new parents. You've given me some beautiful inspiration...blessings to you!

Miriam Prantner said...

Congratulations Auntie! I love this journal! It's so bright and happy, and the .pdfs are great! Thank you!

Lindsay said...

Oh Sav, that baby is A-dorable! And, I totally agree with you on raising children to love Jesus. The prayer journal is such a wonderful idea and a great gift! Yours is fabulous.

farmhouse-story said...

knox is so adorable! love the baby journal, sav:) thanks for the files, and have a wonderful thanksgiving!

Lindsey said...

Sigh, hard to beat a sleeping baby for total cuteness. Mind you, your card comes close... :P

Emily Leiphart said...

Such sweet, sweet photos of Knox!! Your journal is gorgeous. What a great gift!

lisa arana said...

oh sweet BABY knox. he is oh so adorable and sweet. what an inspirational gift. something he will be able to treasure forever.