28 February 2015

deep{er} #27: reflections

Hello, friends:)

Happy Saturday:) I hope that you were blessed this past week and that your cup was overflowing with joy, love, and peace.

Before I get started on my post, I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who stop by my blog and read my reflections/etc. I have received lots of emails from friends, family, classmates, crafting friends, and even other believers asking questions or asking for prayers, as well as comments on several of my posts. I am encouraged by your love and support! THANK YOU

UPDATE WOW! This week went by fast. Again, I had so much going on that I honestly don't know what I did all week! 

I plan on slowing down soon... I'll keep you posted (if you know me... slowing down doesn't really happen! LOL!)

Here's a recap of this week's happenings: 

  • Discipleship- I met with J for our very first study on Tuesday. I think it went well. I absolutely love our study, Revive Our Hearts and Erin DavisBeautiful Encounters. Quick Reflection---This week we looked at Anna and Elizabeth's encounters with Jesus. One encounter happened before he was born [when Mary visits Elizabeth Luke 1:39-45] and the other was when he was a baby being presented in the temple [Luke 2:36-38], and yet both encounters shows us Jesus' divinity. He is God and was God even before he was born--- I've never thought of his divinity during these two situations, but now I can't stop thinking about it! How amazing is it that these two women knew the Lord and Savior, and what Jesus would do for the world, before he was the age of one... BEFORE he could do anything!!! 
    Here's a pic from last week... Olsen likes to be a part of our class too:)

  • My Notes- A couple of Savannah FACTS before I tell you my story: I don't like journaling, but I will take notes all day long for sermons and teachings that I hear on the radio/at church/etc. I just like taking notes:) I also haven't read the Bible all the way through, so my goal is to start reading books in the Bible and taking notes/etc. Ok... so I started thinking back to when I first became a Christian (2002). I knew that about a year later I started reading the Bible during my lunch break at work, and I remember taking notes in a blue journal... but where was that journal now? Well... I found it! I found all of my original notes from when I was attending church at Ball State University, The Revolution, as well as some of the notes when I started attending my former church here in Florida in 2004. LOOOOOOOOOONG story short.... I started my 3030 Challenge and needed to find a book in the Bible to start reading and taking notes. Well the funny story of this super long story is that when I started reading the Bible in 2003 (or so) I heard that I should start in the book of John. So I opened up the bible and started in 1 John. I thought that was where I should start... it was after 3 John that I realized there was a completely different book of John! LOL! So my point... I started my 3030 Challenge in 1 John just like I did in 2003 :) I am also taking notes for this new study in the same journal from 2003! LOL! LOVE it:)
    These are some of the sermon notes on the bulletins that I kept from 2003! The sermon topic was "Strange Love" (marriage and God's love). 

REFLECTION: So all week I've been feeling a bit strange... something has been just tugging at my heart and making my stomach hurt. 

I think it has to do with my 3030 Challenge reading in 1 John 2:15 of not loving this world but looking to God and things of eternal matter. How much do I love this world? Does my flesh win over my spirit? How often? What makes me fall into the lies of this world--- esp since I know that this world passes away and that nothing in this world is from God [1 John 2:16]?!?!?!   

Something has to change... I have to start living more for God. I need to stop falling into the desires of my flesh or wanting a different material item (this week... it's a sweeper but most weeks it's new clothes or shoes or a new purse... possibly even wanting to buy something for Trav, but mostly for myself).... I have to start thinking that as soon as I buy something it will start decaying. 

I'm sick to my stomach for what I've been doing. It hurts my heart that there are so many people in need (real need) and yet I'm worried about getting a new purse! And NOTE: I'm a giver...I love to bless others when I see a need. I just need to give more. Stop falling to the desire of my flesh and being selfish. 

My goals for this week:
  1. Continue my 3030 Challenge in 1 John and hopefully move on to 2 John :) I still think it's funny that I am reading these books before John just like I did before- LOL! 
  2. Continue with Today in the Word Acts Bible study. 
  3. FINALLY start chapter 5 of the Dr. David Jeremiah Agents of Apocalypse *This is the chapter where Trav and I can be seen on the TV program Turning Point--- The Dragon! Check out my original post HERE.
      I pray that God has been speaking to you--- and that you are blessed beyond what you have asked or wanted ❤️. I also am praying that God would open our eyes and heart to His Will, love, and Word. May you go deep{er} with God this week! 

      Remember, if you need prayer, please contact me {savannahland2 at comcast dot net}. 

      THANKS so much for stopping by today! Be blessed:}


      Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

      I love ho you take notes ... I do that too! LOL!!!

      Unknown said...

      Sending Hugs your way.
      Love you.

      Unknown said...


      Larissa Heskett said...

      LOVE LOVE LOVE this SAV!! Kinda FUNNY what you said about you had been feeling something in the pit of your stomach!!?? ME TOO!!?? Not sure what it is ALL about, but I think that's one reason I was FREAKING out when I got your email!!?? I wonder if these feeling are the small signs that GOD is sending us and he is trying to HELP us figure them out!!?? I will be PRAYING for you and for me so we can get rid of this FEELING and become even closer to understanding a part of God's Grace!! I'm with you, I NEED to be BETTER about the "THINGS" that I think I WANT/NEED!! I HAVE MORE than plenty in my BLESSED life and yet I feel the NEED to WANT MORE!! =( Here's to trying to put that ENERGY towards something else and maybe turning a negative into a positive!! =) THANKS for sharing as usual and I hope you have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

      Unknown said...

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I find it nice that you found this book, and to re-read and take notes, and compare. I also try to live more in God ... I feel blessed by everything that gives me, and the new people I meet along the way. I wish I could say more but my level of English does not allow me to express myself as I would like. Finally I decided to put comments on your blog is a blog that I follow for a long time, you've been an inspiration. I thank you for it. Forgive the mistakes I can make writing ... I'm trying to improve my English. I follow you, feel your thoughts, and ask you ever think of me in your prayers, to continue on the path of God. Hugs