31 January 2011

CSN Review:}

Hello, friends:}

I cannot believe it has been a month since I told you I was going to review some amazing products over at CSN!! I LOOOOOOVE CSN Stores! Great prices and fabulous products!!

The first product I bought was this super cute carry-on luggage with wheels. I love the size and the color! So cute--perfect for our weekend trips or our trip to Indiana. Here is a pic of me using it at the airport! LOVE it!

The next product that I bought was this bracelet--who knew CSN carried bracelets that could be engraved!! ?? LOVE this bracelet--it is so cute. It's the perfect size for my wrist. I wished that I could have had O'G engraved on the front, but there are no apostrophes. It had two scratches on it when I got it--but I didn't mind. I knew it would be scratched right away--and it made me wear it instead of holding on to it {since I didn't want to scratch it...you know what I mean?}! I wear it all the time with lots of outfits!

I'm a CSN junkie--because I also got this backpack. I have not used it, but I know it will be useful when I'm traveling around craft fairs, zoos, or other places that I need to carry my camera/money/etc. but don't want to use my purse. Love that this comes in several colors!

I also wanted to share my FAV shoes that I got from CSN! I love these boots! They arrived at our door within 5 minutes of our departure to the airport in December! I immediately opened them and took them with us to Indiana. I wore them in the snow and bowling! These shoes are super comfortable! LOVE that fabric that hangs over the top! Such a cute design:}

Last but not least...I wanted to share my favorite purse that I got from CSN. This baggallini is my FAV FAV FAV! I love the way the fabric feels. And you won't believe it--but this purse has TONS of pockets and storage! LOVE it! It's perfect!!

If you haven't been to CSN--you must head over there NOW! I spend hours just looking at their shoes and purses...but they have more! They have over 200 sites and stores to shop from.

Thanks so much for stopping by--be sure to leave a comment telling me what you bought from CSN or what you are planning on getting! LOOOOOVE CSN Stores:} Be blessed!



farmhouse-story said...

LOVE the airport pic of you!!

Julie Campbell said...

Well... aren't you just the cutest? :) I LOVE that purse! Mmmm!

Andrea M said...

Didn't know about this store but it looks like I could spend some money there!!! Love the pics!

Virginia L. said...

Wow wow wow, you look so stylish, girlfriend!! Thanks for the enabling! xoxo

StampinCathy said...

I just love your pics of you and all the fabulous things you purchased at CSN! I bought a luggage bag for my daughter and she loves it.

Queenie said...

Dearness me!! You are SOOOOOOO much cuter than the shoes and luggage!! LOVE YOU!

TROG said...

That purse is so cool... I would use it! well not really but you know what I mean!