02 January 2011

CHRISTmas 2010--Holiday pics {lots}

Hello, friends:}

Just wanted to share some personal photos and happenings from CHRISTmas 2010

First, I had a great time surprising my family with a trip {only 3 days} up to Indiana! It was super duper cold--8*! YIKES! We visited lots of family members and had a GREAT time! We even played along with Family Fun Night--LOVE FFN!
 Super cold!
 We visited the local elementary school to see our friend's daughter sing a solo! ADORABLE!
This little cutie--dancing star:} 
 A view down our road...usually dirt road.
 Visiting Grandma--for a homemade breakfast! We were able to see several of my FAVORITE uncles:}
While at Grandmas--we saw someone get stuck! Grandma and Emma to the rescue!  
Family--more aunts and uncles! Wish I could have seen them all--I have 16 on my mom's side and 4 on my dad's! With lots and lots of cousins! LOVE my big family! 
Family FUN Night--bowling and games at home with Pizza King! 

I was HORRIBLE at bowling...but I did awesome on the last frame!
Trav, Me, Mom, and Dad 2010

One of my favorite things during this trip was when I gave my nieces and nephews crowns! OH MY--they were calling each other Princess ________ and King ________! LOVED it! It was so cute! 

Another favorite thing was visiting with a great friend before our flight back. I had the awesome opportunity to meet with Julie Ranae! YEP--how awesome is that!??? LOVED those 2 hours! We had a great dinner and chit chatted! OH MY! It was super fun! I can't describe how awesome that was--it was a great way to end my trip! LOVED it! THANKS so much Julie!!
Funny part about this visit with Julie--I was super nervous before she got to the restaurant....and when she walked in, the first thing she said was "HELLO! You are soooo tall!" Broke my nerves and we talked non-stop for 2 hours! LOVED it!

And I did have some time to read my FAV magazine!! LOVE it--sad news:: Julie and I were going to take a pic together (like we were looking at it)--would have been PERFECT! Next time:}
Trav and I had a great CHRISTmas! Just hanging out and enjoying each other. Sad news (and don't hate us)::: we haven't put up our tree for probably 3 years! But that is our goal this year! So no worries--it's not that we don't like trees...we just were lazy (mainly me!). 
 Olsen opening up a present at Oma's house!
 OHHH! Steak and crab claws! Great Christmas dinner:)
Trav and I at his mom's house 2010

And yesterday was my nephew Jackson's 5th bday! I gave him this card with some plastic animals for his farm...and I made him this cape. I just love how super cute it is! I love the colors and how simple it was to make! I hope he likes it. Now he will be called, Superhero King Jackson! I'll post pics of him wearing this and his crown ASAP!
I'm excited for 2011--I think that it will bring lots of new adventures and opportunities for myself and my family! I can't wait! I hope that you all are having a great new year and that your holiday-get-togethers were filled with lots of love, laughter, memories, and blessings! 

Thanks so much for stopping by! More creations to share soon! Be blessed:}


Winter said...

Happy New Year Savannah! I hope you can join me for the St. Jude Valentines Day Card Dive over at my blog. http://winterwonderlandcrafter.blogspot.com/2011/01/cards-for-st-jude.html

Mona Pendleton said...

Happy New Year Savannah! Looks you had a wonderful time with family and friends :)

Kim said...

Happy New Year!
Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Lillian Child said...

Such a wonderful family you have - and what fabulous memories you've made this past holiday season! So many blessings in your life! Thanks for sharing!

Angie Blom said...

Happy New Year my friend.. this is great. love the personal pics.. we need to skype really soon. I miss you!! Love the cape.. I think Sydney needs one of those.. So glad you had a great holiday.. Christmas tree or not.. it is all about Celebrating with the ones you love. Hears to a wonderful 2011. hugsxxx

Angi Barrs said...

Super fun pics. I have not been bowling in years. Looks fun. Love that cape. Cute with a capital "C". :)

Queenie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing all the pics of you at Christmas!! What a joy to surprise your family with a trip!! How did you NOT spill the beans?? Hee hee hee....I especially love the pic if you and Julie!! SOOO fun!! She's right, you're super model TALL and GORGEOUS!

Julie Ranae said...

What a wonderful photo album Sav...loved seeing the pics behind the stories you shared.

Michele Gross said...

Wonderful photo album! You were able to pack so much fun into such a short amount of time :) btw, I'm a terrible bowler too so we can hang at the bowling alley anytime ;D I'm so happy that you and Julie finally got to meet!! I love getting to meet inky friends in real life :) So glad you shared this :)

farmhouse-story said...

your trip looks full of happiness! may that happiness continue all year long! any little boy would just love that cape:)

Virginia L. said...

Aw... how SWEET is this, Sav! LOVE the photos of your CHRISTmas! You arne TRev are such a cute couple ( I think I said that before--LOL)! I am happy that you got to meet Jule R.! The next time can be...ME!!? YAY! xoxo

Basement Stamper said...

Great pictures, it looks like you had a phenomenal trip with family! I was just chatting with Julie last night, fun to see a pic of the two of you together. Always fun to meet stampers IRL.

Andrea Ewen said...

Wonderful pictures, Sav! What a beautiful family you have and I can see that you all get along so well! And you got to hang out with Julie in person too! Super awesome! Thanks for sharing some of your life with us, I know I really enjoy seeing pictures and especially such happy ones! Have a wonderful New Year, dear!

Sue Lelli said...

I don't even know you and your family and I LOVED this post and your pics and your HUGE family! LOVE the crown and the cape. Can't wait to see pics! And how fun to meet Julie Ranae. WOW!

Andrea M said...

Awe, your pics and post make me want to visit my family!! Wonderful pics Sav! So nice that you got to meet Julie IRL too! I hear you on the tree - this was the first year in 3 years that we put ours up! We usually go to my parents house for Christmas so we just don't bother since we won't get to enjoy it! I'm with ya! So glad you had such a wonderful, family-filled holiday!!!

MOM said...

Great pictures!!! Your nieces and nephews do LOVE LOVE the crowns!! I have not received the cape yet for Jackson! But I did get the farm animal set, maybe the cape will come tomorrow! Thanks for sharing! Talk to you later. Love MOM

Wendy ten Hove said...

Loved to see all these photos, dear Savannah!
If you're curious for mine, have a look at my (still under construction...) website: www.hutjens.nl/wendy

Have a wonderful day!
Hugs, Wendy

Jinny Newlin said...

What beautiful pictures and happy memories, Savannah! So glad that you had a wonderful trip!

StampinCathy said...

That's for sharing all the wonderful pictures. You captured so many memories.

Suzanne C said...

Great pictures of your holidays and they looked like so much fun! Glad you got to meet up with Julie and have a little chat.