10 October 2011

My SIL's baby shower

Hello, friends:}

It seems like forever for me since I was in my studio last--all last week, I was working ahead and scheduling posts because I was going from SW FL to the TIP TOP of FL for my SIL's baby shower. I love love love her--so it was a no brainer that I wanted to make LOTS of little gifts for her! **Candice is practicing with her sling and a teddy bear! LOL!

This is a fun sushi gift that I made using onesies, socks, wash cloths, and other little goodies. I found this gift and tutorial HERE
So sorry for the horrible pic--I was literally running around all last week and forgot to get a pic before we left. My MIL, Lori, is holding this plate up through the hotel pillow case! LOL! It was her CLEVER idea to use the white pillow cases as a background--and she even had TAPE in her suitcase! LOVE her!!! 

I found this popcorn container at the Dollar Tree...and I knew I wanted to make it using this sentiment! It's filled with lots of little baby socks (different sizes) and then I put some yellow shredded paper on top. LOVE it!
I love love love this gift--it's a clear pacifier with lots of mustaches so that she can use them for some of his pictures/photography sessions. I sent her lots of styles and in several colors just in case she wanted to match her baby's hair! 
Here is a pic of Candice as she was opening her gift! LOVE!!! She is so gorgeous--even with a mustache:) 
Travis was invited to the men's shower and made this diaper creation. He did it all but the stork! I did that;) I found a picture of this gift on SCS by Stephanie Conley. LOVED it and knew I had to CASE it! He did a great job with this gift!!
Here are the gifts on the table--I also created/included a black baby ring sling, tag blanket, tee pees, prayer journal, and card, as well as a full box of more diapers (you can never have too many of those!). 
Now that I look at this pic--I realize this was a random set of gifts--with NO THEME! What was I thinking...LOL!

Here is what I wore to the shower--gotta love my 6" heels! 
Ok--I know I look like a dork in this pic, but I couldn't help it! Pics by Ventura:)

Here is another pic--Candice, Lori, and myself. 
Another pic where I look like a dork--I forgot to stand up straight (I think I have to be the same height as everyone else! Then why do I wear those heels! LOL!). It almost looks like I'm preg....but I'm NOT!!! Silly shirt!

That's it for me....it's been a CRAZY filled weekend, and I'm so thankful that we arrived there and back safely. I am ready to get back in the studio!! So be sure to stop back by tomorrow for some crafty goodness for the next challenge at The Ribbon Carousel:)

THANKS for stopping!! Congratulations, Candice and Allen!! I can't wait for Knox to arrive--by the way, LOVE his name!!! Be blessed:}


Vanessa Middleton said...

Girl, I am lovin' those heels. You sexy thang, you!!! ;) Your SIL is a pretty pregnant girl and I'm glad you got to go to her shower! Wishing her a safe delivery and healthy baby BOY! Love the mustaches!!!

Just me... said...

Savannah! First, what ahhh-mazing gifts... of course your gifts were probably the talk of the party... that sushi gift was *the* cutes thing I have seen in a while! I'm totally stealing that idea for future baby gifts! I also *love* the sentiment with the popcorn box... another good one!

But, mostly I wanted to comment and let you know

1. Those shoes are to. die. for. !!! You and I would not only make amazing crafty buddies... BUT, great shoe pals too!

2. I love that shirt color on you! It's the perfect shade of pink! And I think it looks like it's actually really flattering ... I tend to think sheer fabrics can be quite flattering with a solid color under!

Anyway! LOVE your creative genius... and your shoes! Hugs!!

Wendy ten Hove said...

Hello my dear Sav!!
There's soooo much fun in these pics! Thanks for sharing! The gifts you made are gorgeous and I DO see a theme there: it's FUN! ;-D
You look gorgeous in that shirt and on the heels, never mind you're not standing up straight, your smile says it all and makes you look beautiful always!
Hugs, Wendy

Alice said...

sorry, but first thing first. those heels are beautiful. you all look fabulous! and i adore your gift ideas. they are so creative and fun! love them all! congratulations to your sister and the whole family!

Paige Taylor Evans said...

Oh my gosh I want your shoes!!!

All your gifts are amazing! You are soooo talented :)

JenMarie said...

Your look gorgeous, Sav! Hot shoes!!

Lindsey said...

Wowzer, Sav -- those are some shoes! You and I are almost the same height... but I tend to stick to flats. :P Your gifts are so creative and so generous! Your SIL is very fortunate. (Knox is a great name!)

Virginia L. said...

So so sweet of you, Sav! You are such a great SIL!! I love your sushi pack and all the lovely gifts that you made for her! You and your new shoes are drop dead gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing these CAPTIVATING photos!!

TROG said...

You give the best gifts!! The thought and time invested is outstanding. You look amazing! Candice looks ready to pop! Love that camera-- all the pics are great... and Ventura was running it (foolproof;) JK

TROG said...

ps. Love the hotel room photo shoot! That too is crafty

Colleen Dietrich said...

Oh my goodness, this post made me smile and laugh! Your goodies for the shower were SUPER adorable, Sav! And love the pillowcase background for the 'sushi' dish. Love it! And you -- in 6" heels! You're crazy, girl! I am such an old lady in my 'gotta have comfort' sneakers and Land's End flats. ;) Thanks for sharing all these great photos.

Jinny Newlin said...

Oh, these pics are so fun! LOVE your sweet and THOUGHTFUL, little gifts! Never mind that there's no theme to them! I mean, what mother-to-be wouldn't LOVE even just one of them?! And your heels... holy smokes, girl! I don't know how you manage those things ;)!

lisa arana said...

Fabulous baby shower goodies!!! And look at you rockin' those heels, you go!